Various colored autumn leaves

Top 5 Picks: Fall Collections To Bring In The Season

Looking for inspiring home décor to welcome the autumn budding outside your window? Are you tired of staring at last season’s sheets, towels, and furniture protectors? Ready to upgrade to something new? We’re here to help!
Halloween Jack-o-Lanterns

How to Celebrate Halloween at Home

Check out these fun tips for celebrating your socially-distanced Halloween...
October 23, 2020
Man and woman cuddling on couch with blanket

Top 10 Must-See TV Shows for Your Next Watch Party

With an almost infinite number of things to watch, it can be hard to pick your next binge-worthy favorite. Have no fear. Great Bay Home is here to help.
Lemon Mousse

Cozy Living + Snacking: No-Bake Recipes & Easy-to-Clean Home Décor

At Great Bay Home, we know that loving your home is more than just fashionable home decor, it’s also about those little moments that put a smile on your face. With these easy to make no-bake recipes, those moments have never been easier. Enjoy!
Father and son beside a lake


Are you scratching your head trying to decide what gift to get your dad this Father’s Day? Something other than the run-of-the mill tie, grilling gear, or boring socks? Well, here are 5 new, out-of-the-box ideas that we’re pretty sure you haven’t thought up yet. And your Father’s going to love them - we promise.