Are you scratching your head trying to decide what gift to get your dad this Father’s Day? Something other than the run-of-the mill tie, grilling gear, or boring socks? Well, here are 5 new, out-of-the-box ideas that we’re pretty sure you haven’t thought up yet. And your Father’s going to love them - we promise. 


 That’s right, we said it! Microfiber sheets. Even dad’s need to upgrade their sheets every now and again. Microfiber is a great alternative to cotton, because it’s silky soft, lightweight, and doesn’t wrinkle. We recommend our MOUNTAIN RIDGE COLLECTION microfiber sheets, because they come in 9 extremely dad-friendly prints!

 If your dad’s into plaid (he’s constantly wearing plaid clothes, right?) then get him our simple Gray Plaid, or our popular Stonehurst Plaid. If you get him the Bear, Moose, Oars, Deer or Forest Animals prints, he’ll feel like he’s sleeping in the great outdoors.

Or if he’s more of an ocean guy than a forest guy, you could get him a NEWPORT COLLECTION sheet set. Does your Dad love to sail the open seas? Get him the Sailboat print. Would he rather spend his day fishing than at the office? Get him the Anchor or Bluefish print. Or you could make his bedroom feel like his own secret hide-away in paradise with the Palm Tree, Seashell, or Flamingo prints. Bottom line is, with some nice new microfiber sheets, your dad will never have to worry about wrinkly, scratchy sheets again. And he’ll thank you for it.


 Now that summer’s approaching fast, your dad’s probably going to want to spend some much needed, stress-free days at the beach. A perfect gift to surprise him is one of our MAUI COLLECTION velour jacquard beach towels. They’re super soft, absorbent, and colorful. They feel great after a jump in the pool or when coming out of the surf. Your dad will love the fact that they’re extra-big, so he’ll be able to stretch out his arms and legs while catching rays. We’d recommend the Knot-Stripe print for its nautical theme. Or the Fish, Green Palm, or Pineapple prints for their tropical themes. If your dad loves the ocean, he’ll love these Maui collection beach towels.


Or you could try our VENICE COLLECTION microfiber striped beach towels. These towels are special. Because they’re made of microfiber, they’re super smooth and soft to the touch. And boy are they durable. But what’s really cool about them is they’re Sand-Free. What does that mean?


Because of their smooth texture, the sand just slides right off! We’re serious. It’s great. Your dad will be so happy – no more shaking the sand off his towel, only for the wind to blow it back in his face. No more getting sand stuck to his sunscreen after towel-drying off. Nope, instead he’ll have a nice, soft, eye-catching beach towel to make his summer days in the sun a breeze. We recommend the Navy/Taupe, Navy/Blue Gradient, Gray/Teal, or Blue/Yellow stripe colors. They’re sure to be a hit with dads everywhere (and you could grab one for yourself too. Hey, you deserve it!). 


 Any dad out there would like to refresh the look of his bedroom or guest room, without having to put in all the work of painting the walls or changing the carpet. A nice & easy way to do this is to buy a new quilt! At GREAT BAY HOME®, we sell many different quilts to fit anybody’s style or season. We have many simple solid-colored quilts, like our best-selling ALICIA COLLECTION.

 We also have different stripes, nautical, florals, and abstract prints. We think your dad might like our WILDERNESS, RIO-RIDGE, REDWOOD, or WILDER COLLECTION quilts the best. These prints - including our best-selling Moose print - are sure to bring thoughts of hiking through the woods, toasting s’mores by a campfire, and gazing up at the stars. The Moose print’s neutral black & white color will go well with any room’s décor.


What’s pretty amazing about our quilts is that they’re all reversible! Many of our outdoors-themed quilts reverse to simple plaids. Our WILDER COLLECTION quilt reverses to picturesque pinecones and fern branches. If your dad is an outdoors-y kind of guy, then he’ll love these quilts. If that’s not quite his thing, try some of our nautical faves like the CATALINA, CASCO BAY, or CASPIAN COLLECTIONS


Every guy needs a man-cave. A place to watch his favorite sports teams win the championship. To have a drink with his favorite buddy’s. A place to relax. Whether that’s the living room or the den, it’s important to make sure the furniture he spends those moments in stays fresh, stylish, clean & comfortable. That’s why a slipcover would make a perfect gift for your Dad.

Our slipcovers come in 5 sizes – chair, loveseat, sofa, recliner, and ottoman. They’re easy to slip on and off your furniture, and they stay put securely with our easy-to-place “sofa tuckers”. They come in many different textures, from Twill to Popcorn, Knit Jacquard to Velvet Plush. They also come in a wide variety of stylish prints and beautiful colors that will suit any man-cave well.

Gale Velvet Stretch Slipcover

Not only will they keep the dog hair, beer stains, and crumbs off your furniture, but they’ll also give your room’s look a refreshing transformation. Best of all, you can just slip them off and throw them in the washing machine to clean them. Easy as that. We recommend the Velvet Plush GALE COLLECTION for Dad. Oh yeah, did we mention that the recliner sizes have pockets your Dad can keep his books or remote control in? Ahh, no more lost remote. You’re welcome.


 We bet your Dad could use a relaxing bath. Who wouldn’t? But let’s face it, since he wants to make sure his family gets enough hot water, he lets everyone else take their showers first, and he gets stuck with the oldest, scratchiest towels in the back of the linen closet. Well, time to chuck those things out!

Why don’t you get your Dad his very own, ultra-soft, 100% Cotton towels? Our ELHAM COLLECTION bath towel sets are super absorbent and feel silky soft against your skin. They’re made from cotton fibers that are tough & durable. They’re easy to wash, and they fluff right back again after a spin in the dryer. Another good option is our popular NOELLE COLLECTION towel sets. They’re unique because they’re crafted with the world’s most absorbent Turkish cotton fibers.


With many different collections in a variety of textures, designs and colors to choose from, you can’t go wrong buying a set of our towels for your Dad. It’s a good way to spoil him – he deserves it, just for being there for you and your family.


So, whether you get your dad a set of silky-smooth, wrinkle free microfiber sheets to snuggle up in, a beach towel to relax on, a new quilt to refresh his bedroom, a slipcover for his man-cave, or a set of ultra-absorbent towels, he’s sure to appreciate all the thought and effort you put into getting him something new, different and unique this Father’s Day.



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