Looking for inspiring home décor to welcome the autumn budding outside your window? Are you tired of staring at last season’s sheets, towels, and furniture protectors? Ready to upgrade to something new? We’re here to help!


We’re thrilled to share some of these amazing new products, featuring beautiful colors, stylish prints, and lush fabrics that can make any home feel welcoming. Enjoy this list of top picks from our Fall collections while golden leaves flutter free from the treetops.


1. Belle Collection

Fall to Sleep Between Fantastic Flannels 

Thinking of Fall, there’s nothing like the classic look of plaid fabrics nestled under pumpkins, draped over picnic tables, or strewn across the arm of your favorite sofa. The 100% Turkish cotton flannel sheets from our Belle Collection come in an assortment of stylish plaids that include soft taupes, neutral navys, elegant whites, and gorgeous grays that will suit any bedroom. 


2. Elk Lodge Collection 

Immerse Yourself in Nature with Dreamy Velvet Plush

Crafted from 100% polyester, the velvet plush lodge blankets from our Elk Lodge Collection are the perfect lightweight addition for your Fall hangouts. What better way to celebrate the season than with a blanket that boasts woodsy prints like Rustic Bear, Moose, Snow Lodge, and December Frost draped across your bed or a throw around your favorite armchair? Now you can enjoy that cup of hot apple cider, while cuddled up in breathable velvet plush comfort. Create your unique autumn aesthetic in style.


3. Gale Collection

Stretch Out Over Seamless Slipcovers

Bring the season into your living room with velvet plush slipcovers from our Gale Collection. Available in neutral, earthy, and russet tones like wild dove gray, walnut brown, silver cloud, black, and zinfandel red, you can’t go wrong. These gorgeous slipcovers also come in two enviable prints-- floral toile and Morrocan-inspired abstract snowflake lattice. Made using super soft, velvet plush fabric that effortlessly slips over your furniture, they’re available in sizes that fit most armchairs, loveseats, sofas, recliners, and ottomans. If you want a fast and easy way to revamp your living room furniture for the Fall season, you’ve just found it!


4. Cooper Collection 

Stunning Bath Towels with a Vibrant Glow

Who doesn’t long for crisp Fall evenings and a warm bath with luxurious towels? If you’re looking to upgrade your daily ‘getaway’, check out the spa-quality bath towel sets from our Cooper Collection. Available in six stylish, seasonal colors that include dark grey, sea green, and ivory, they're the closest you can get to a spa, without ever leaving home. Enjoy a full set, in your favorite color or ‘mix and match’ to sweeten the deal. Not only are our Cooper towels super-soft, they’re extra absorbent, quick-drying, machine washable, fade-resistant, and long-lasting! What’s not to love?


5. Redwood Collection

Rustic Quilts for Autumn Dreams

A unanimous favorite among our newbies, would be the absolutely charming rustic quilt set from our Redwood Collection. Made to feel as snug as a bear hug, these chocolate and caramel rustic quilts boast a beautiful patchwork of russet plaids, each with its own unique and magnificent scenery-print, including: wild forests and lakes, crisp autumn maple leaves, and noble elk on the mountain terrain.

These scenes are all accentuated by illustrious shades of chestnut, beige, umber, and cocoa. Not sold yet? Don’t worry, there’s more. This reversible vermicelli-stitched, 3-piece set comes with additional shams, and is super-soft, thanks to its generous cotton and polyester filling. If you could only have one quilt set this season, our inspired Lodge quilt set makes the decision easy as an autumn sky.

There you have it, the top 5 picks from our new Fall collections. Find your favorite today to enjoy a bubble bath with spa quality towels, lounge in the living room with luxurious slipcovers, ward off the chills under a dreamy velvet plush blanket, and redefine bedtime with a warm rustic patchwork quilt that feels like nature itself is guiding you to sleep. Autumn only comes once a year, we should celebrate it in comfort that can’t be beat.

Bedside or bathside…

 We’ve Got You Covered,


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