Are you starting to feel like your living room is looking dull? Staying months inside your home can do that to you but know that you don’t have to be stuck with it for very long. Maybe you’re not interested in a total make-over, and that’s alright! Even the smallest changes can help freshen up your living space, and we got ideas for you to try out.

Mikala Cotton Blanket

Match With The Seasons

If your living room has looked the same since winter, then start aiming for the spring and summer feel. Get out something from your storage that’s made of brighter colors—think sunny yellows, vivid reds, ocean blues, leafy greens, happy pinks, and anything in-between! Just bringing out one item can give your living room a little pop of color that stands out from the rest, and you’ll start feeling the warmer weather every time you see that item. It’s a little step, but very effective.
You can even browse through the stores and see what kinds of colors & prints are on display. They’ll always be up-to-date with the seasons, and you can get ideas on what Spring & Summer mean for you and your living room. We have an awesome collection of cotton blankets with our Mikala Collection that is just great for warmer seasons, so you can keep cozy in your home without being too hot.

Langdon Furniture Protector

Add Fresh Flowers

Freshening up your living room can literally mean bringing in fresh flowers. You can go for a beautiful assortment from the local flower shop or even as small as a single succulent from the nearby supermarket. Plants come in spring colors automatically, so you don’t have to work too hard to find some décor that’ll work for your living room. Also, the regular act of watering a plant can encourage you to be a little more active in the day.
If real-life flowers aren’t your thing, there are always imitation flowers available, or you could find a living room decoration that has flowers printed on them. Our Langdon Luxe furniture protectors are designed with a beautiful patchwork floral pattern that’ll still have the power to bring a different sort of freshness into your living room.

Fallon Slipcover

Move Some Furniture

Maybe you’re thinking that a single new item isn’t going to change much. Then you can stick with what you have and start moving around your existing furniture. You can pick one item—a table, a chair, a couch, etc.—and put it in a different spot than usual. There’s a chance you can free up some space in your living room, or find a new room layout that you fancy.
Though if you’re nervous about moving around the couch or the bulky chair, you can cover them all with a slipcover to help guard them from scratches and snags while they’re being moved around. Our Fallon Collection of slipcovers is made out of smooth, soft twill. They cover up your furniture from head to toe for ultimate protection from tears, crumbs, spills, messes, and even pet hair! Slipcovers are so stylish too, and all these qualities make them great to keep on even after you move the furniture.

Fallon Slipcover


It doesn’t need to take a lot to update your living room. You can start dressing it up with seasonal colors, bring in some plants, or move around your furniture. With any of these options, you can always start small. Find one item that matches the current season, buy a single potted flower, move one piece of furniture—you can find that these smaller changes can be a big impact for how you see your living room moving forward. Repeat these actions as many times as you want, and your living room might undergo a larger make-over over a span of time, with less stress for you.



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