Ever wonder if you were using the best methods to clean and care for your bedding? We wanted to take the guesswork out of the equation and leave more time for sleeping in. So, we’ve compiled a list of our top five best ways to care for your linens.

1. The Best Way To Care For Your Sheets

You should clean your sheets about once a week. Set a reminder on your phone so you don’t forget! Before you start washing an item, here’s a top-tip – don’t forget to read the care label! You can use the cold or warm setting, but steer clear of the hot setting. Hot water can shrink fibers. The result? Your sheets won’t fit on the bed.

What happens if they’ve been stained to the point beyond repair? (We get it, we love red wine too!) In that case, the best thing you can do to save your sheets is to throw them in a tub or bucket with a mild detergent and let them soak overnight. Then, simply wash them the next day as you normally would. They should come out looking good as new!

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2. The Best Way To Use Bleach

Like to use bleach? If you have colored sheets, like Great Bay Home’s Leila 100% Cotton Percale sheets, your best bet is a non-chlorine bleach. Non-chlorine bleach isn’t meant for whitening, so it won’t break down the pigments of color in the fabric. If, however, you have white sheets, go for chlorine bleach. Its’ magic sodium hypochlorite (aka chlorine) formula will have those sheets as white as a cloud in no time.

Leila Cotton Percale Sheets

3. The Best Way To Care For Your Linens

You should clean your quilts (and blankets, too) about once a month. Many quilts and blankets are machine washable and dryer safe. To be safe, don’t forget to double-check the care label before you start a cycle. It’s important to use mild detergent and cold or warm water in the wash, then a low heat setting for the dryer. If you’re looking for a stylishly soft and machine washable quilt, we recommend trying Great Bay Home’s Alicia basket-weave textured quilt sets.

Alicia Basket Weave Textured Quilt Set With Shams

4. The Best Way To Care For Your Down Alternative Comforters & Duvets

Duvets like Great Bay Home’s Pintuck Collection pinch pleated duvet sets are perfect for protecting your down alternative comforter from wear and tear. Just throw your comforter inside the inner part of the duvet and snap it closed. When it comes time to refresh your bedding, all you need to do is remove the duvet cover and throw it in the wash! We recommend washing your duvet about once a month. And thanks to the Duvet, you only need to wash the down alternative comforter about once every two years. Don’t forget to double-check the care label, as some comforters may be dry clean only.

Analia Pintuck Duvet Cover With Shams

5. The Best Way To Store Your Fabrics

The best place to store your fabrics is a cool, shady, dry place, like a closet or bureau. You don’t want your sheets to turn beige! Make sure the space has enough air moving through it so the fibers can breathe. Otherwise, they’ll start to gather mildew. Think about buying two bedding sets per bed. That way, you can have an extra set to switch out while the other is in the wash. If you’re in the market for a new sheet set, check out Great Bay Home’s heathered Carmen jersey sheets. Their uber-soft, stretchy jersey material will stretch to fit a variety of mattresses! Plus, they make you feel like you’re sleeping in your favorite T-Shirt.

Carmen Jersey Knit Sheets

Now that you’ve read our list of 5 ways to care for your bedding, you know the secrets to long-lasting bedding. Read the care label of all items before washing or drying. Never use the hot setting on the washer/dryer – stick with cold or warm. For colored fabrics, use non-chlorine bleach. For whites, use chlorine bleach. For quilts and blankets, wash once a month with mild detergent. If you love the soft and cushy feel of a down alternative comforter, make your life a little easier and buy a duvet cover for it. Lastly, remember to store your fabrics in dark, cool, and dry places to prevent yellowing and mildew. If you keep these tips in mind, you’ll be able to keep your favorite fabrics for a long time to come.



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July 08, 2021

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