There are many kinds of beach towels on the market, but the ones made of cotton are great for all kinds of purposes. Cotton is a highly versatile material that is commonly used in textiles, and it’s a natural fiber that’s well-known for its soft and breathable quality. In towels, the cotton fibers give them great benefits that’ll ensure a successful beach trip. Take a look at these benefits below!

Diana Terry Cabana Beach Towel

Great absorbency

Everybody wants something to help dry them off after a day in the water. Whether you’re just getting your feet wet in the pool or getting soaked under the waves, a cotton towel has you covered. Cotton is one of the most absorbent materials on Earth, so that works wonders in a towel where it needs to absorb as much water as it can from skin and hair. You can get dry much faster after wiping down with a cotton towel, like our Novia Beach Towel Collection, without having to wring the water out after a few swipes.

Diana Cabana Beach Towel

Comfort under the sun

The nice thing about cotton is that it is super soft. While you’re drying yourself off, you don’t have to worry about scratchiness from the towel fibers, especially if you have highly sensitive skin. Cotton works well too if you’re just planning to sunbathe on top of a beach towel. Instead of getting bothered by all that sand, use a large, cozy cotton towel to provide a comfortable surface to lay on. We recommend our oversized Playa Beach Towels for those occasions.

Novia Cabana Beach Towel

Simple to clean

Once your summer outing is finished, you’d likely realize that your towels are now a mess. Maybe they’re completely soaked or covered with sand and dirt. If your beach towels are made of cotton, then it’s actually really easy to wash them. Cotton isn’t a hard material to take care of, so you can relax after an exciting day in the water and just let all your dirty beach linens have fun in the washing machine. Our beach towels are all lightweight as well, so it gives them this quick-drying quality that’ll help you on a long day’s trip. They’ll dry quickly for multiple uses in one day, so go ahead and give our Pasadena Velour Beach Towels a spin.

Diana Terry Cabana Towels

Enjoy cotton

When you’re shopping for towels for your next beach trip, take a look at the tags and see what kind of material each one is made with. Go for the ones made exclusively or partially out of cotton because those will be the best ones for the reasons we listed above! Cotton beach towels are just so nice and soft, but they’re also great for the simple job of keeping us dry. It’s not going to take too much to clean your cotton linens either. Cotton washes very well, and it’s a really durable fiber as well. It makes any beach towel last very long after multiple uses, and you’re sure to get a lot out of a cotton beach towel. Come and see all of the many beach towel collections on our site. Most are all made of cotton, and we think you’ll love them.



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June 20, 2021

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