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Are you or someone in your family getting ready for college? The new school year brings a whole new set of challenges, but don’t let your dorm room be one of them. Move into your new living space easily by using simple, lightweight items. You may be in your dorm room for hours on end, so make sure comfort levels are high from the start. We got a few ideas for that.

Katelyn Striped Quilt

1. Enjoy White Linens

Stack up on white linens to dress up your dorm room. They’re simple, but they work incredibly well with any type of décor. White can also help brighten up your room too, and it helps bring your mood up whenever you’re cooped up inside studying. Pair your white linens with pops of color—like our Katelyn striped quilts sets—and you won’t have to go too plain either. Though you can spot messes on white fabric more, you’ll be able to know exactly when to do your laundry. Keeping your dorm room clean and smelling fresh helps to keep you motivated during the busy semester.

Azalea Ruffle Quilt

2. Use Your Favorite Color

Sometimes you got to go with what you know and picking out linens & décor in your favorite color can be the right choice for you. Whether you tend to gravitate toward neutrals or for those brighter colors, create your palette or theme to help your room reflect who you are. Our Azalea ruffle quilts come in a range of colors, from pink to gray, so you can have fun with a ruffle without going out of your comfort zone.

Madelina Striped Quilts

3. Don't Be Afraid To Have Some Fun

You can’t bring everything with you to college, but you can bring whatever makes a better impression. Choose items with unique patterns or attributes that mean something to you. Maybe you’re a big fan of striped quilts (and we are too). Our Madelina quilts just came in, and they bring a little personality to your room without going too bold or too simple. This reversible quilt can add a lot of character to your room without breaking the bank. Make your dorm room your own, so you can enjoy your time at school.

Aurelie 100% Cotton Blanket

4. Have A Blanket Ready

Studying may happen in bed, at your desk, or in a comfy chair. Have a nice lightweight blanket waiting for you wherever you go. See our Aurelie 100% cotton blankets—they have a soft touch that makes your study time that much comfier. Our textured blankets are not too heavy either, so you don’t have to worry about overheating or feeling like you have extra weight on top of you. Let your mind be at the top of its game by investing in a comfortable cotton blanket.

Avianna Velvet Plush Blankets

5. Be Prepared For Those Colder Nights

You can end up surprised by how cold your dorm room gets at night, whether it be because of the campus climate or a roommate that likes the place colder than you. So instead of lightweight blankets, go with a heavier one, like our Avianna velvet plush blankets. The super-soft polyester material gathers so much warmth, so you can wrap yourself up at night or at your desk whenever you feel chilly. Stay focused, and don't let the temperature throw you off your game.

Madelina Reversible Quilt Set

Now You're Ready

Preparing for college seems like a big challenge, but it doesn't have to be when it comes to your dorm room. You can follow any of our ideas above and find the right linens that'll make you feel at home. Pack light, but pack in style too. We got a large range of quilts and blankets that can be just the right fit for you and your personality, so take the plunge and avoid stress during move-in day.



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August 04, 2021

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