Are you living your best life in an adorable but oh-so-tiny room? Ever wonder what you could do to amp up the volume of that space, without having to physically knock the walls down?  We’ve come up with a list of five creative ideas to make your small room into a stylish, open, and airy space. Read on to start your transformation journey!

Wesley Striped Quilt

1. Keep Things Light

When choosing a color palette for a tiny room, it’s important to keep things on the lighter side. Darker colors absorb light, which makes a room appear much smaller to the human eye. Lighter colors, on the other hand, reflect light. The result? Rooms with lighter colors look larger and more open!

Thinking of repainting the walls? Search for paint colors on the softer, paler side of the color wheel. You might also consider replacing some of your bedding and furniture with brighter, softer colored items to enhance the effect. Need some ideas? Great Bay Home’s Mikala Collection 100% Cotton Waffle-Weave blankets and Romana Collection Down Alternative Blankets are available in soft, cheerful colors like Blush Pink, Light Grey, and Pale Blue. They’ll instantly turn any bedroom into a light, breezy and cozy retreat.

Mikala Cotton Blanket & Romana Down Alternative Blanket

2. Clean and Organize

We know, this one doesn’t seem as much fun as the first suggestion. But getting rid of the extra clutter taking over a space is the surest, quickest way of making it appear larger. Once you’re done, naturally, there’ll be more space to live in!

Invest in some organizing décor. Get a shoe rack, put up some floating shelves, slide a few big containers under the bed for extra storage. And don’t be afraid to throw away a few things you might not need anymore. Don’t put any large objects in front of walkways or windows. This makes the room feel cluttered.

Storage Closet

3. Mirror Up

Adding mirrors or other reflective items to a space essentially doubles the appearance of the room when the viewer passes by them. Think about placing a large, textured silver rectangular or oval framed mirror on a wall. It’ll serve 3 purposes - making the room look bigger, reflecting the light that bounces through it, and lending it an air of elegantly classic décor.

Mirror In The Bedroom For Open Space

4. Use Statement Pieces

Too many smaller pieces of furniture can clutter your room. Consider trimming it down and bringing the emphasis to a single, statement piece. What makes a good statement piece for a small space? Think bold yet simple, eye-catching texture. This will keep the room from looking too busy. Check out Great Bay Home’s Pintuck Collection Pinch Pleated Duvet Cover Sets for a touch of inspiration.

Pintuck Duvet Cover

5. Choose The Right Fabric

The right fabrics can make or break a space. Stick with soft, airy fabrics that let a lot of light filter through them. Aim for solid colors or simple yet modern prints like a classic floral or an intricate stripe. Great Bay Home has a variety of florals and striped fabrics to choose from, like their Wesley Collection Textured Stripe Quilt Sets.

Wesley Striped Quilt

Now that you’ve read our list of 5 Ways to Make Your Small Room Look Bigger, you’re on your way to a larger, open, and airy living space. Remember, when choosing a color palette for an area choose lighter, softer colors. Make sure to declutter and organize your home to give yourself more room to live in. Magnify your space with the magic of a wall mirror or two. Use a single, large statement piece for the room instead of multiple smaller pieces. Lastly, don’t forget to choose classic, simple, and cozy fabrics. If you keep these tips in mind, you’ll have a bigger room in no time.



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August 26, 2021

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