Dressing any bed can be a hassle if you aren’t prepared. From colors and shades that fit your aesthetic to trending fashion and overall comfort--the pressure to “get-it right” can be overwhelming and downright frustrating (don’t even get us started on guest-room design).

Whether you’re prepping your home for the upcoming season or simply updating your outdated bedding, we’ve got a few simple tips for layering like a pro--from cozy sheets and stylish covers to fashionable blankets and high quality quilts.

Our journey begins with finding the right material...

Christina Fleece Sheets

Finding The Right Materials

Prior to setting off on our fashion-forward fiesta, it’s important to think about the realities of our environment and plan accordingly. Simply put, weather in the West is vastly different from what you’d expect on the East coast.

These decisions could make or break your attempts at feeling “just-right” and leave you tossing and turning with nightly regret. Due to this, it’s important to consider your materials before getting down to style. Patience and good judgement are key in this arena. Ask yourself this before adding to cart:

What kind of weather am I expecting?

For warmer months you’ll want something breathable such as microfiber or turkish cotton. Their natural aeration and soft texture allow for consistent airflow that keeps your body at peak comfort while you sleep. On cool summer nights, there’s nothing quite like it.

For colder months, you’ll want soft, durable sheets that retain heat but allow for steady ventilation to prevent sweat and excess oils. The key here is to find quality materials that protect you against the cold while keeping you at a cozy and consistent temperature.

In these instances, you’ll want to select fabrics like cotton flannel, polyester fleece, and velvet plush. Think along the lines of the super soft solid-color polyester fleece from our Christina Collection and you’ve got the idea.

Now that you’ve chosen your material, let’s get between the sheets.

Lakeview Flannel Sheets


We’ve been there too: You’re on the precipice of a new month with tired sheets that’ve barely survived the season. Now they’re clean and back in the linen closet (or set ablaze in the nearest bin) and it’s time to start from scratch--with a bare mattress and aspiration.

But where do we go from here? Do we Google-search the latest trends and cross-reference the pricing? Do we play it safe with solid-colors that match our walls and flooring? Do we venture into the unknown with sexy patterns or into the wild with elegant prints that express our personality? The decision can be tough for first-timers.

Fortunately, with Great Bay Home, you never have to sacrifice style and comfort for taste and affordability. We have a wide variety of high quality bed sheets that can fit any home. Many of our collections even include matching pillowcases and shams to get your layering started right.

Whether you’re diving headfirst into the holidays with winter and lodge-themed sheets from our Lakeview Collection, sporting solid-colored sophistication with plush sheets from our Velvet Luxe Collection, or mixing it up with cozy patterns from our Printed Luxe Collection--there’s no shortage of ways to reinvigorate your life beneath the blanket.

Speaking of which...

Stonehurst Lodge Cabin Quilt Set


There are few better feelings than hopping in bed after a long day and burying yourself beneath stellar covers that envelop you like a summer sunset. Though there are several schools of thought on preference, we’ll start with quilts and work our way forward.

When choosing a quality bedroom quilt, your best bet is to think long-term. Do away with the bargain-bins and plan for this layer to stay a while. The right quilt will combine warmth and breathability that doesn’t overheat or leave your feet freezing. A good rule of thumb when considering your next quilt is its density (or “stuffing”).

Quilts such as the lodge quilt (w/ matching shams) from our Stonehurst Collection tend to be filled with porous material (such as cotton and microfiber)--making them super soft and light as air.

The key to deciding between quilts comes down to personal taste, preference, and circumstance. If you’re just looking for a stylish layer for your bed, a quilt should be your go-to.

Avianna Velvet Plush Blanket


No matter the season, weather, or preference--quality bed blankets are the ultimate accoutrement to any bedspread. Whether you’re a fan of quilts or comforters, the right blanket sets the stage for easy-napping on lazy-Sundays or an extra layer of warmth for sudden temperature drops.

Add flair to your bedspread with a stylish blanket as an extra layer atop your quilt or comforter, folded horizontally at the foot of your mattress, or rolled into an easy-to-carry pillow-like cylinder. To maximize your style and savings, check out some of our fan favorites, like the ultra plush bed blankets from our Avianna Collection or the rustic lodge print velvet plush throw-blankets from our Hudson Collection.

You can never go wrong with a little extra style and comfort.

Velvet Plush Sheet Sets


Any well meaning fashionista will tell you that the job is never done. If you’re interested in more tips for styling your home, check out some of our other blog posts and our Pinterest for more inspiration.

As always…

We’ve Got You Covered,
-- GBH

September 15, 2021

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