We spend up to 1/3 of our lives in bed. It’s an important 1/3, too. We may be zonked out for most of it, but good stuff is happening to our brains and bodies while we sleep. For instance, did you know that getting 7-8 hours of good sleep every night can lower your risk of heart disease, clear up your cognition, boost your sex life, and even reduce your chances of catching a virus?

Why does my mattress need protection?

With all that stake, maybe it’s time to put more thought into making sure that mattress you’re catching z’s on stays stainless, vermin-free, and allergen-resistant. Besides, your mattress is a big investment. Remember the sticker shock when you bought it? To keep from experiencing that feeling again for 12-15 years, encase your mattress in an affordable mattress protector.

How can I safeguard my mattress?

A fitted sheet isn’t enough. Body secretions (sweat) can pass through the sheet’s fibers in no time and create those ugly yellowish-brown stains on your mattress. Besides being unattractive, those stains mean you’re sleeping on a lot of dried sweat. That’s just gross. Invest in a dedicated mattress protector.

When you say mattress protector, aren’t you talking about those rubber sheets my mom put on my bed when I was a kid?

Not at all! Our Great Bay Home protectors are crafted from 100% cotton or bamboo—long-lasting waterproof materials that don’t change how your mattress feels. Their terry cloth tops keep them smooth and soft to the touch.

I’m not convinced I need a mattress protector. Stains don’t bother me.

If you could examine your mattress under a microscope, your doubts would vanish. A mattress is a hotbed for vermin, allergens, dust mites, mold, mildew, and other ugly stuff. If you find yourself sneezing, coughing, or wiping your nose, the problem may lie buried in your mattress.

Take dust mites, for instance. 100,000 of these translucent members of the spider family can live in a single gram of dust. They feed on human and animal dander. Inevitably, they produce feces. A ten-year old mattress can double its weight thanks to dust mite feces. Unsurprisingly, breathing that stuff can cause an allergic reaction.

Also, dead mites can pack your pillow just like they do your mattress. Consider a pillow protector to keep them out. More than a simple pillowcase, these 100% cotton encasements form a fully zippered barrier between your pillow and harmful allergens.

What else could be hiding in my bedding?

Bed bugs. If you think that sounds like something out of a Victorian novel, we hate to tell you that the world is seeing a resurgence in the bed bug population. CNN says, “Increasing urbanization, along with global travel and climate change, are providing rich pickings for these pests.” There’s nothing to do but block them out. Our mattress and pillow protectors have have pore sizes of 3-4 microns, small enough to effectively prevent bed bugs, which are 6-8 microns large.

When we say don’t let the bed bugs bite, we actually help you do just that.

I sleep with my dog/cat/small child. Is there anything I should know?

We know that pets and small kids can become regular bedtime companions. While the snuggling is special, the spills, drooling, and accidents aren’t. Again, an encasement or protector can guard your mattress and pillows from kid-created, pet-reinforced stains, which are part of everyday wear and tear for parents and pet lovers. Our waterproof protectors are ideal (and not embarrassing) for accident-prone children. Plus, our encasements block bacteria your fur friend brings to bed.

They say only true love’s kiss could wake Sleeping Beauty. But sneezing, sniffling, bed bugs, and bed-wetting children or pets may be waking you from much-needed sleep. If so, invest in a mattress protector. Safeguard your health. And don’t let the bed bugs bite.

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