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Look, we get it. Quality furniture doesn’t come cheap. And who can afford to reupholster the sofa every time Felix mistakes it for his favorite scratching post?

That’s why we got into the slipcover business in the first place. We want you to love your home, and no one loves stains, rips, and worn spots. So, we started making slipcovers and furniture protectors as an affordable way to spruce up your old stuff.

What’s the difference between a furniture protector and a slipcover?

Functionally? None. They both serve the same purpose—safeguarding your furniture against spills, snags, dirt, and general wear and tear. Both come in a variety of patterns and materials. And both are easy to toss in the wash.

The difference? How much they cover. The furniture protector conceals only the bare essentials, letting your chair show off part of its arms, back, and bottom. A slipcover, on the other hand, envelopes your whole seat and stays in place securely thanks to a hidden strap or elastic band.

Which is better for your home?

Each one can get the job done. We offer both, leaving you to choose your preferred style. Our furniture protectors and slipcovers help shelter your investment in your furniture, and with all the different colors and designs, both are great for adding a touch of pizzazz to your living room.

We call our furniture protectors easy-on, easy-off, meaning you can have one in the washer, out of the dryer, and back on the sofa in a snap. Our slipcovers are also simple to take off and wash, but since they are designed to cover the whole couch, it’s easier if you have a willing partner, obliging child, roommate, or friend to help you put them back on after a quick tumble dry.

We made them for family-centered homes with kids and pets like ours.

Nothing turns a house into a home like kids and pets. Of course, nothing wears down the furniture quite as quickly either. Pet dander can be a bear to get out of your upholstery. Claws get caught in loose threads. Juice gets spilled.

We don’t want you to stress about it. A furniture protector or slipcover guards your living room furnishings from just that kind of damage. Wash, tumble dry, and toss it back over the sofa or chair. We recommend purchasing at least two protectors—one for the closet and one for the furniture. That’s so you can keep the furniture covered with option two while your first one is in the wash.

Don’t forget the style factor. 

Slipcovers aren’t just a functional way to keep your house clean and your furniture intact. They’re also snazzy and cheerful. Have fun with all the new designs and colors you can add to room, enhancing any palette or theme. While the first cover washes, change things up with a new print or material on your second protector. They’re a great way to change the look and feel of your room without the hefty price tag.

Are you furnishing your digs with your parents’ old stuff? There’s no furniture shaming here. One of us outfitted an entire apartment with a set our roommate’s aunt picked up for free on the side of the road. We’ve got you. You can hide those borrowed couches under one of our sleek, modern slipcovers. It suggests that post-college look without the professionals-only cost.

Do you have good ideas for using throw pillows or other room enhancers to make a slipcover or furniture protector look especially fancy? We’d love to hear them. Feel free to share pictures, too.

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