The leaves are falling, season’s changing, and pumpkins are ready and waiting to be carved– that’s right, Halloween is just around the corner.

Once you’ve filled your Trick Or Treat bowl full of goodies, perfected your door-opening scare tactics and loaded up on fake blood, it’s time to work on costumes and decorations. The good news is, there are plenty of opportunities around your home to get creative – no need to spend a bucket-load of cash at the store.

All you need are a couple of old sheets, and you can deck your halls with bows of horror. Here are 5 ways to use your old sheet for evil this Halloween!

Dress Up Your Dog

Are you afraid of the bark?! Get your pets involved in your Halloween celebrations by cutting out eye-holes and dressing them in your old bed sheets. You’ll have some four legged ghosts roaming the house in an instant.

Dogs on Halloween

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Scarify Your Furniture

Drpae an old sheet over your furniture and get creative with a black marker. Try a high round cocktail table to give your party guests a fright while they fill up from the punch bowl, or cover the sofa and draw on some watchful ghostly eyes.

Halloween Decorating

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Mummify Mummy

Tear your white sheets into long strips and mummify a member of your family. Start at the legs and wrap the strips of sheet around so they fully cover your skin – remember, not too tight! Once they're covered, splatter some red paint or costume blood on to create the illusion of a ghastly wound!

Mummy Costume

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Go for Grecian Goddess

If scary isn’t your thing, you can still get in the costume party spirit. Use pins and clips to drape your white sheet over your body in a toga style, and cinch in at the waist with a gold belt. Add some braids to your hair and some sparkly gold face paint, and you’re party-ready with minimal effort!

Guys looking for a costume? Go for Zeus (King of the Gods)

What you’ll need: grey/white sheets, a crown and a lightening rod. You’ll also need to use pins and clips to drape your white sheet over one shoulder toga style. Try using a paper plate for the crown (color it yellow…duh), and you’ll need some sort of cardboard cut-out for your lightening rod. Oh and don’t forget you’re Zeus, it’s okay to act pompous and puffy chested for the night…

Re use sheets

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Your kids will love being told they’ve got the freedom to chop up the bedding to their heart’s content, but make sure you stock up on fresh new sheets for when the party’s over. Our Great Bay Home Sheets will restock your laundry cupboard and keep your bedroom looking crisp, clean and cared-for.

Great Bay Home wishes everybody a fantastically scary Halloween, and reminds you all to stay safe – watch out for monsters!

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