Don't overthink your bathroom décor when there are too many priorities on your plate. Finding function in what you keep on display is key to narrowing down any clutter, and a little goes a long way. So here are some tips from the Great Bay Home team on how you can style your bathroom.


Keep your towels simple and use plants to add a pop of color to your bathroom. Not only will this add to the appearance, but it will also improve the air quality, all without having to pay a fortune or rely on super eclectic décor. It may take a good cleaning, some key organizational habits, and maybe a cute plant or two.

popcorn textured bath towels


Simple towels and décor can help your accent walls to pop in small spaces. Our quick dry popcorn Acacia towels are perfect for these spaces and are durable to last multiple washes. If you feel like there's no room for these towels, think about how you can clean up any clutter. You can organize your items inside some storage boxes that will fit in the sink cabinet. That way, you have enough space to add some towels or even a cute vase from your local home décor store.



Many places sell affordable, easy-to-care-for plants that you can display in your bathroom. Hardware stores and supermarkets usually have an area where they offer great bathroom plants like flowers and succulents. Both are great options to add color and freshness to your bathroom. You can also coordinate your plant colors with your towels to assemble a matching palette for your space. Our PureSoft bath towels come in a variety of different colors, so you can pick from a range of softer neutrals to brighter hues.

quick dry bath towels for styling


Your bathroom doesn't have to stay lack-luster in comparison to the rest of your home. You can approach its décor one item at a time. Choose a beautiful towel set to hang up, like our Cooper towels, and clear up space on your bathroom counter to reduce the overwhelming sight of clutter. Add a plant where the sun shines the best, even better if your bathroom has a shelf for it, and enjoy!

These simple tips can lighten up your everyday bathroom routine and impress any guest that comes your way. It doesn’t take much to start, and even just one change can be a life-changer! If you liked these ideas, share your bath décor and styling tips with us on our Facebook and Instagram socials @greatbayhome.


March 08, 2021

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