Know the tips for finding great towels that do what you need.

When shopping online, it can be a difficult journey to find the right towel for your household. You cannot feel the quality of the towels you are looking at, so you often end up taking a chance on one because it either sounds nice in the product description or it looks stunning in the photos. Here are some things to look out for online, so you can have higher chances to snag the perfect, absorbent towel.

Cooper Towels

Choose cotton

Cotton is an absorbent material and a popular choice for towels because of it. It’s a natural fiber with excellent durability, so you can reuse cotton towels for a long time. Focus your sights on a bath towel that’s either 100% cotton or cotton rich. All Great Bay Home bath towels are made with cotton, and even our PureSoft towels, 90% cotton and 10% polyester from recycled plastic bottles, are still incredibly soft and absorbent.

Grayson Bath Towel

Gotta love texture

All Great Bay Home towels are constructed with a classic terry texture that is simultaneously beautiful and porous. The terry loop construction helps catch water inside the towel, allowing you to dry yourself quickly after a soak. Our Cooper Towels also have a zero-twist structure, comprising high-quality cotton fibers held together without twisting, creating a smooth-to-touch spa-quality towel. Texture also helps strengthen a towel’s integrity, so you can get multiple uses out of it before you need it cleaned. Our Acacia towels have an alternative popcorn-texture, and our Grayson towels have a waffle-weave texture. They both have a distinctive look and feel compared to standard terry, and they still absorb very well.

Noelle Bath Towel

Absorbent, but also quick-drying

Searching for lightweight, quick-drying qualities can also be the key to get the most out of your absorbent towels. While thicker towels may be a sign of luxury, they take much longer to dry because all that material is soaking in water. Our lightweight towels, like our Noelle collection, are quick-drying, so they still absorb as much as you need after a long soak in the bath, but they dry fast enough for your next use. Wet towels left for too long may develop unattractive odors and mildew, and of course, if you use towels often, it’s a lot easier to use them when they’re dry.

Roselyn Bath Towels

Go Simple

Sometimes we get more attracted to towels with all kinds of embroidery, jewels, or accents, but those additions might get in the way of their absorbent ability. Some pieces may feel uncomfortable against the skin, so you end up trying to use the un-embellished parts of the towel. That’s just extra work for you, and often these kinds of towels are meant for show rather than use. If you’re looking for a beautiful towel that can still be part of your daily bathroom use, you can look at our Roselyn bath towels. With a complete bath set, you can get towels with attractive stripes that won’t get in the way of their absorbency.

 Acacia Bath Towels

Know your habits

Everyone’s towel needs are different, so one towel may do the job for you when it doesn’t work for someone else. If you live in a household with multiple people and go through towels quickly, you may need to find a stronger cotton towel with lightweight but durable construction. If you use your towels less often than average, you can still enjoy an absorbent towel without having to do away with every single flourish or quality. Great Bay Home offers a wide selection of bath towels that are an excellent fit for your bathroom and home.


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February 23, 2021

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