Are you ready to bring new life to that drab looking sofa? Are you fed up with the cracks, peeling, and rough-feeling material? Are you just trying to protect your favorite living room set? Well, you’re in luck! At Great Bay Home, we have a large assortment of slipcovers and furniture protectors that may be just what the doctor ordered. Available in a host of fabulous colors, patterns, and textures, our slipcovers and furniture protectors are handcrafted to be the perfect additions to your home. Best of all, you can do it all without the concern of a monumental price tag.

However, we understand that some questions may remain: How can we be sure that we’re purchasing the right slipcover or furniture protector for us? Are they easy to install? How will I know if it fits properly? Most of all, will they look as good as they do in the pictures? If you’re interested in purchasing a new slipcover or furniture protector online, we’ve written up this handy shopping guide to help your decision along.


What’s the Difference Between Slipcovers and Furniture Protectors?

Slipcovers and furniture protectors have long been household staples for reinvigorating some of our favorite spaces. Despite this, there are a few key differences in their use and overall effectiveness when it comes to why and how we use them.

On one hand, slipcovers are a great way to liven up some of our furniture with unique and distinct styles that may better suit the season or just our evolving personal tastes. You can always tell a slipcover by how snug and perfect it's stretch-fit fabric hugs your couch, recliner, ottoman, or just about any other piece of lounge furniture you can think of.

For example, stylish slipcovers, such as the popular selections from our Gale collection, are designed to be highly fashionable and form-fitting, while protecting our favorite furniture from wear and tear. Think of slipcovers as a fitted sheet for our home decor. The high-quality stretch-fit material is meant to entirely cover our furniture and essentially gives it a whole new look. Take a peek at some of our collections to get a bit of a better idea.

Gale & Brenna

Conversely, furniture protectors may lay over or on top of your couch, recliner, etc. Often available in a thicker material when compared to slipcovers, these single piece protectors, such as the options in our Langdon Luxe, Maribel, and Elenor collections, can be loose fitting and more easily removed. If slipcovers are meant to be permanent fixtures, furniture protectors are more movable by comparison and may not cover your entire piece. These are great temporary (or permanent) fixes for incoming guests or just sloppy eaters.

Langdon Luxe, Maribel and Elenor

How Do I Choose Between a Slipcover or Furniture Protector?

Though there are several factors to consider when choosing between a slipcover or furniture protector, the true decision ultimately boils down to 1.What is the intended use? and 2. What are you protecting your furniture from?

For example, if you’ve got some little ones running around and a perpetual concern for spills and other accidental mishaps, you may want to consider choosing a slipcover. In addition to protecting your entire piece of furniture, slipcovers are available in one or two piece sets, making clean up extra easy and total protection all but guaranteed.

The same could be said for pets, guests, or the occasional slip of wine. If things could get a little chaotic, slipcovers are the way to go. Easy on, easy off, and most importantly, easy clean up. Though, you may want to consider investing in sofa tuckers to ensure that ‘perfect fit’.

 Slipcover Instructions 

Furniture protectors can be similar to slipcovers in the sense that they protect whatever area they lay on top of, however they are just that, protectors. Though some are available in snug-fit options they are more commonly used as a layer of defense against less unpredictable circumstances.

For example, if you’ve got guests coming over and want to protect against spills and slips, a furniture protector can be retrieved and placed or simply left for protection in perpetuity. Unlike slipcovers these are more easily applied and can be used at will, though there may not be as snug of a fit. Oftentimes, sofa tuckers aren’t required.



  1. First thing you have got to do is find out which slipcover or furniture protector you like best; check out all our different fashionable styles, textures, and colors.

  2. When you find one you love, the next quick step is to take a measurement of the longest side of your chair, recliner, loveseat, or sofa (including the arms to ensure accuracy).

  3. Measure the length of one of the arms from front to Once you have your numbers, check out the charts below to determine which sized slipcover or furniture protector works best for your piece(s). Don’t forget to measure twice!

 Slipcover and Furniture Protector Size Guide

Note: Great Bay Home has a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you don’t immediately love your purchase, please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss the potential issue as well as provide any additional assistance we can.

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P.S. Don't forget those sofa tuckers!

July 27, 2020

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