It may be too late for spring cleaning, but now you have the chance for a full summer refresh! Take a minute to look around your home to see what areas could use some extra attention.

Sure, the floors need sweeping, the windows need wiping, and linens need washing, but how else could we make our homes shine for the summertime? We may have just the thing.



A stiff mattress could disrupt your sleep and lead to endless nights of tossing and turning. Even worse, the following morning could arrive with new aches and soreness that persists throughout the day. Your mattress should work FOR you, not against you. If this nightly struggle sounds familiar, you should consider investing in our best-selling ultra-thick mattress toppers.

Restful Sleep Mattress Pad

At two-inches deep, this awesome addition from our Hotel collection has more cushion than your typical mattress pad and offers comfort that’s unparalleled for comparably affordable bedding. Sink into a cloud-like pad, filled with fluffy down alternative poly-fill to give yourself the rest and relaxation you deserve.

Now, what if your mattress is just fine, yet you find yourself having trouble getting those hours of quality sleep? Do you groan about the shifting seasons and how stuffy it feels at night? Do you engage in the endless smartphone scroll and hope the sandman will stop by before daylight? The solution may be simpler than you think.

Consider the sheets you use in bed and the types of fabric they’re made of. Some sheets made from flannel or fleece are meant for winter months since they insulate heat so well. Others are light and breathable to keep you cool on those blistering summer nights. Try your hand at our best-selling Carmen collection t-shirt jersey sheets for a blissful night of sleep you’ll only wish you could remember.


Should you be opening up your home to guests, make a fine impression upon their arrival with some of our vibrant selections, like the best-selling velvet plush stretch slipcovers from our Magnolia collection. These are perfect for those who love a utilitarian product that also harnesses a rustic style aiming to please. Slipcovers cover up unsightly cracks, stains, and smudges while continuing to protect your furniture from further rips and spills after set-up.

They’re super easy to use, so impressing your guests (or even just yourself) never takes long.

Magnolia Slipcovers

We hear you, what about the overnighters? If your guest room is falling behind on prep, make simple work of it with one of our best-selling pinch pleated duvet sets. Just unbutton the duvet cover, slide in your comforter, use the duvet ties to secure, and button at the seams. In just a few easy steps, your guest bedroom is ready to rival a five star hotel. When your guest is ready to leave, simply remove the duvet and throw it in the wash to get it looking brand new again. It’s easy as 1, 2, 3.

Analia Pintuck Duvets

It’s time to defy all of your summer expectations and give your home the upgrade it deserves with any of these best-sellers. When you care for your home, you and your family can find more peace and comfort than you may have ever thought possible. Sometimes, it’s the small stuff that matters most.


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