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Days feel longer when you are inside the house for too long. Now that 2021 is here, you have a chance to start fresh on any part of your routine! Whether it’s making New Year’s resolutions, sticking to your health goals, or starting a new business venture, this year doesn’t have to be gloomy. Think about your living spaces - do they need brightening up? After all, when you’re stuck at home all the time, your surroundings can be a significant influence on your mental health. 

So where do you start? Look over to our extensive collection of slipcovers.


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Slipcovers are an easy slip-on covering for your furniture, including chairs, recliners, loveseats, sofas, and ottomans. They cover the entirety of your furniture from top to bottom. Not only do they give your old worn-out furniture a glow up, but they also guard against additional spills, stains, wear, and tear. Slipcovers are especially helpful for families with kids or pets and for anyone who often eats over their couch. You don’t have to worry about crumbs or liquids slipping into the cracks between the cushions. Slipcovers catch them all, so all you have to do to clean up is remove the slipcover and throw it in the wash! How easy is that? 


Gale Slipcover Silvercloud



We highly recommend our Gale Velvet Plush Slipcover as a starting point. This collection is made of incredibly soft velvet plush, which will make your couch-laying days very, very cozy. For anyone who wants to have the velvet couch experience without buying the expensive velvet couch, a velvet plush slipcover is an excellent investment.  

Our Gale slipcovers come in 7 attractive colors and 3 beautiful prints. Choose the one that complements your home palette, or pick one that stands out from the crowd. Then let your kids cuddle up on it, impress your house guests with its luxurious look. Don’t forget to get comfortable yourself during these colder months with an additional velvet plush blanket (sold separately). 


Gale Slipcover Stretch



All of our slipcovers stretch, allowing them to be more form-fitting to whatever they are slipped on. We have sizes from armchairs to sofas to ottomans, so you can find a slipcover that will fit what you have at home. Just make sure you measure your furniture first and check if it fits within our sizing specs!


Slipcover Sizing Specs


Each purchase also comes with installation instructions in the bag, so you’ll have the most chances to succeed with your slipcover. One crucial tip: once you have the slipcover over your furniture, you must tuck the excess fabric around the furniture cushion. This way, the slipcover tightens around your sofa or chair, reducing the number of wrinkles and sagging you see. 

If your slipcover is still prone to sagging or slippage, try out our 5-Piece Set of Sofa Tuckers (sold separately) to give you a little help. You slip these tuckers into the cracks around your furniture cushions, holding the excess fabric in place so you don’t have to keep tucking the fabric in after every use.


Sofa Tucker Gale Slipcover



Breathing life into your home doesn’t have to be hard. You can start small but bold. Our Gale Slipcovers provide a great opportunity for anyone to add more style and comfort to their décor. Try just one and get a set if you love how they look and feel. If velvet plush isn’t quite your style, we have other slipcover collections that come in twill, jersey, and other stretch materials. Start the new year right and flourish.


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As always…


We’ve Got You Covered,


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January 15, 2021

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