Whether you’re taking the next big step in your relationship, a long established couple, or married with children–choosing the right mattress for you and your significant other can be a challenge. From various mattress types, firmness preferences, and sleeping styles, the matter can result in a years-long regret if not done with some thought and proper consideration.

In addition to simple preferences that shouldn't be ignored, the type of mattress you choose can have lasting effects beyond the obvious minor discomforts. The wrong mattress can prevent proper sleep, create neck and back pain, and leave your partner giving you the stink eye at the top of every morning. Luckily, modern mattresses come in a wide variety that leave only one question: which will you agree on?

As always, we’ve got you covered.

If you and your partner are looking for a new mattress that suits both of your sleeping needs, check out this couple’s guide before starting your journey toward a great night of sleep.

Let’s start with the basics…

Wave Mattress Topper for Queen Size Mattress


Below you’ll find a list of standard mattress sizes.

  • Twin - The smallest mattress size, measuring at 39x75 Though preferable for children and singles (obviously not for couples) we suppose this particular mattress is perfect for those who like to sleep right on top of one another. (We’ve included it just for the giggles.)


  • Full- The smallest mattress size that any couple should consider. Measuring at 54x75 inches, the few extra inches of width make all the difference. A Full mattress can comfortably fit most couples (especially if you like to cuddle).


  • Queen - The next size up from a Full mattress, the Queen sized mattress measures 60x80 Queen sized mattresses are the optimal choice for couples with standard sized bedrooms. This mattress allows for much more room to move around and spread out.


  • King - Measuring at 76x80 inches, the King-sized mattress is great for large bedrooms and essentially gives the happy couple a Full-sized bed of their own in one. Though this may seem like the obvious choice, this mattress can take up a lot of space in the standard Master bedroom.


  • California King - A variation of the King-sized mattress, a California King mattress measures 72x84 inches (four inches narrower and four inches longer than its King-sized counterpart). Though the size difference may seem insignificant, this mattress may be a better fit for those with taller partners or uniquely shaped bedrooms.


*Pro Tip #1: Always measure the dimensions of your bedroom before purchasing your bedroom set*

2 inch thick mattress topper for king size bed


As previously stated, there are a number of mattresses that vary in size, firmness, and other features. Below you’ll find a list of some common mattresses sold at most locations.

  • Innerspring - Great for stomach and back sleepers, innerspring mattresses are the most traditional type. Additionally, they offer solid back support, are available in a wide range of firmness, and are the most budget-friendly However, innerspring mattresses can wear out more quickly than their more expensive counterparts.


  • Hybrid - With a hybrid composition that includes layers of both springs and foam, hybrid mattresses are perfect for couples with different firmness needs. Typically quieter than innerspring mattresses, hybrids also offer pressure point relief, without sacrificing back support. However, these mattresses can be quite expensive and don’t absorb motion as well as their luxury counterparts.


  • Memory Foam - Best for side sleepers and those suffering from joint pain, memory foam mattresses rely on a blend of varied-density foams to provide softness and support. Additionally, they absorb motion (for those with restless partners) and the lack of springs means no “poing-sounds throughout the night. However, memory foam mattresses are usually more expensive, can retain body heat, and lack sufficient support for certain sleepers.


  • Air - Different from their more well-known camping counterparts, bedroom air mattresses offer built-in inflation devices that allow the sleeper to adjust the firmness of their mattress with the touch of a button. Though these may take some getting used to, they’re a decent option to consider for couples with varied sleeping


  • Gel-Infused - For sleepers who want the comfort of memory foam without the excessive heat, gel foam mattresses regulate temperature more capably than most other mattresses. Though these mattresses are the perfect option for those with hip and joint pain, they are some of the most expensive options on the market.


  • Polyfoam - With a very similar feel to memory foam mattresses, polyurethane foam mattresses combine a resilient innerspring base that prevents the “sinking” feeling. In addition to latex and memory foam layers (for added support), these mattresses maximize comfort for any sleeper. However, much like memory foam, buyers will find themselves spending much more than a ‘pretty penny’.


  • Latex - Made from aerated latex (that takes on a foam-composition), latex mattresses provide soft and bouncy support that offers similar pressure relief as memory foam. Unlike memory foam, these mattresses rebound more quickly and avoid that sinking sensation. Additionally, for the eco-friendly, these mattresses can be made using natural materials. However, much like its equally complex counterparts, these mattresses can leave a sizable dent in your bank account.

Some other mattress types include: adjustable bed mattresses, futon-quality mattresses, waterbed mattresses, and split king mattresses. Be sure to check the qualities of your mattress in-store, to ensure you know what you’ll be getting into. For more specific sleeping needs, consult with a mattress specialist for options that best suit your preferences.

*Pro Tip #2: Many sellers offer risk-free mattress trials. Take advantage of this and test out your selections before committing to a mattress you may regret.*
*Pro-Tip #3: Look for a mattress with low-motion transfer to avoid disturbing your partners’ slumber.*

Waterproof Mattress Protector

Mattress Toppers & Protectors

There’s nothing worse than purchasing a mattress that you have to worry about. Investing in high quality mattress toppers and protectors can offset any minor discomfort, provide added support, and protect your most recent investment against life’s little mishaps. Check out some of our preferred mattress toppers and protectors below.

  • Hotel Collection - With 100% microfiber shell and super cozy down alternative polyfill, this 2-inch thick mattress topper protects your bed from spills, stains, allergens, everyday wear and tear, and is designed to fit mattresses up to 18 inches deep.


  • Valarie Collection - Safeguard your mattress from allergens, mites, bacteria, and spills with a deep pocket fitted mattress protector from our Valerie Collection. This deep pocket fitted mattress protector is also waterproof, so you can rest allergen-free and satisfied.


  • Lexia Collection - The perfect way to keep your mattress from absorbing unwanted material, these affordable mattress protectors let you enjoy a clean, allergen-free night of sleep, stay put without shifting or sliding, and safeguard your mattress from allergens, mites, bacteria, and sweaty nights.


  • Bamboo Mattress Collection - The absolute best way to secure your mattress against fluids, damage, and wear and tear, these hypoallergenic bamboo mattress protectors are also waterproof and eco-friendly, so you can go green while you dream.


*Pro-Tip #4: If you or your partner suffer from allergies or allergen-sensitivity, check out our premium 100% cotton pillow protectors for added relief while you sleep.*

Cotton Pillow Protectors

Our Recommendations

Though it’s impossible for us to guess which mattress will work best for you and your partner (that part’s up to you), we’ve provided some general recommendations below that may help to narrow down your search and point you in the right direction.

 Couple Sleeping Profile
Suggested Mattress
Very Different Sleep-Styles
Try a mattress with a “universal”-feel–not too hard or soft but somewhere in-between. This will help to make simple adjustments (mattress toppers, stiffer sheets, etc) easy to employ.

If it’s within your budget, invest in a gel memory foam mattress, for its superior heat-regulating qualities, that will help keep you cool through the night.


Sleepers of a certain size require a sturdy, durable mattress that will support them as they slumber. An innerspring or hybrid mattress can provide the needed resistance and keep you comfy without the “sinking”-sensation.

Very Different Sizes

Choose a durable and supportive mattress that won’t dip, tilt, or valley from one side to the other. Try a hybrid mattress for a comfy, even-leveled sleep or innerspring mattress that stays put where you lay down.

Different Sleep Schedules

There’s no worse feeling than waking up for a bathroom break or getting up early for work and running the risk of waking your partner. Try a gel foam, memory foam, or hybrid mattress for comfort that won’t vibrate and shake through the bed.

Joint Pain

For back, hip, or joint pain relief, try purchasing a hybrid, memory foam, polyfoam, or latex mattress. These mattresses can provide pressure relief and support that aligns your spine and helps you sleep comfortably through the night.

Couples Who Snore

Couples with one or more snorers need a mattress that can offer tons of support and keep their necks and spines aligned properly. Choose a mattress with an adjustable base that lets you elevate your head and clear your breathing pathways.


Elder couples may find themselves needing a mattress that can offer pressure relief, with a healthy bounce that eases them up in the morning. Check out an innerspring, hybrid, or latex mattress that can alleviate discomfort without holding you down for the count.

Budget-Buyers A traditional innerspring mattress is the best bet for buyers’ on a budget. In addition to unbeatable prices, couples who don’t mind searching around may find some high-quality options that meet their needs without breaking the bank.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this couple’s guide for choosing the right mattress. Which mattress is right for you and your partner? Tell us why on Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest– where you can also find the latest Great Bay Home tips, news, and exclusive deals. Don’t forget to check us out on Amazon!


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February 22, 2022

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