When it comes to home style, design, and decor, the crown jewel will always be our living rooms. From open layouts with plenty of natural light and minimalist appeal to sprawling and complex homages to decades past, the living room is the one place in our homes where we can let our creativity run wild. This simple space is where anything we imagine manifests.

Now that we’re on the cusp of Spring (and things are getting back to normal), we’re finally free to make some long overdue changes to our homes. This means that many of our living room styles are in for some well-deserved upgrades. If you haven’t already started planning, you may be wondering where to begin.

As always, we’ve got you covered.

For any style, fashion sense, or distinctive taste, check out this list of modern living room décor ideas to get you started on the right foot.

Armchair with end table in the living room

1. Excellent End Tables

A common item in any home, end tables are more than just a spot to settle your lamps, place your drinks and candles, or accidentally stub your toe. Nowadays, they’re available in a variety of unique and artistic styles with a long list of features that make life a little easier.

Toss out the drab old ‘hand-me-downs’ and IKEA rented ‘let-me-downs’ for all new and stylish end tables that include lifestyle additions like charging ports, pet beds, hidden storage, and any number of other special perks. If you’re still a little lost check out this nifty list of end table designs.

2. Awesome Accent Chairs

Much like fingerprints, no two living rooms should look exactly the same. Your modern living room redesign should do more than house a couch and television. Every inch of space is an opportunity to express your inner-fashionista, and should never be wasted.

There are few better ways to personalize your living room than with an accent chair that dually serves as a place to sit or simply express your personal style. In addition to adding visually interesting ‘feng shui’ it’s the perfect way to take care of empty living room space that drives you crazy.

heaven of joy all natural organic soy candle

3. Fantastic Floating Shelves

If you’re looking to save space while adding a contemporary quality to your living room, floating shelves are the perfect way to optimize and look good doing it. For those who don’t know, floating shelves are (relatively inexpensive) shelves that hang from the wall with no obvious support. This is made possible with the help of internal brackets.

These brackets usually include two rods, fit into the walls, that support the shelves from the inside. Not only are floating shelves surprisingly strong and quick to build, they’re a fun way to save space and avoid bulky additions to your living room floors.

4. Stylish Slipcovers & Fashionable Furniture Protectors

Short of purchasing all new furniture, there’s no better way to refresh your sofas and recliners than with all new and stylish slipcovers–uniquely qualified to suit your taste. In addition to creating a look that’s sleek, stylish, and customized, slipcovers and furniture protectors are excellent for shielding your favorite furniture from slips, spills, and stains (...especially great for those with young children and pets).

For example, the easy to install, velvet stretch slipcovers from our Gale Collection are available in a dozen colors that include solids and intricate designs. Not your thing, then the reversible furniture protector from our Langdon Luxe Collection may be right for you.

velvet plush stretch slip cover

5. Thriving Throw Blankets

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make all the difference. If you already love your furniture but still want to add a little flavor to your favorite space, try your hand at adding throw blankets to the accents of your living room.

In addition to looking great (either folded neatly or draped over your favorite seat), the best throw blankets are also amazing for snuggling up on chilly nights or even as a nice convenience for your guests.

If you’re unsure of what type of throw would suit your taste, check out the sherpa velvet plush throw from our Hudson Collection or GO BIG with the velvet plush blanket from our Lodge Collection (who doesn’t love a little mother nature in their living room?).

6. Color-FULL Furniture 

We know, we know, but HEAR US OUT. Despite the temptation to stick with neutral and understated colors, vibrantly colored furniture could liven up your favorite space. In addition to some fabulous options that can best express your personal style, the right choice can elevate your living room beyond anything you’ve imagined.

Though some of us may be limited by our current carpeting and wall-color, those with wooden floors and neutral colored walls should definitely experiment with the wide variety of non-obvious choices. It’s not only modern but uniquely yours.

For those looking to make MAJOR changes, we’ve got you covered…

langdon luxe bright navy floral furniture protector

7. Modern Minimalism

The safest interior design option for your living room would be to take a minimalist approach. Minimalist interior design involves using the bare essentials to furnish a simple and uncluttered space–free of any abstract or out of place decor. Taking the minimalist approach to designing your living room means that each and every item needs to make a strong and functional contribution to the space (...no “weak-links” are allowed). Some tenets of minimalism include:

  1. Simplicity. Simplicity. Simplicity
  2. Clean lines and right angles
  3. Monochromatic color palette (ex: black, white, some shades of gray)
  4. Accentuation of natural light
  5. Pared down accent furniture
  6. Total space optimization


Though the approach may seem a bit boring to some, carefully curated and well-executed minimalism can make a bold fashion statement.

8. Going Maximalist 

For those who don’t know, maximalist interior design is a philosophy. The approach involves artful and intentionally styled rooms that display an expansive spectrum of aesthetic tastes and preferences.

If you like the idea of breaking the mold with inspired colorful furniture, then you’ll definitely want to consider a maximalist approach to your living room. Though the vast majority of interior designers have strictly stuck to simple shades and safe styles, other leading designers have found sound inspiration in purposefully executed maximalism.

Some maximalist ideals include:

  1. Displaying an expansive collection of pictures or artwork
  2. Mixing and matching a variety of colors, patterns, and shapes
  3. Filling a dedicated wall with spontaneous art, pictures, design
  4. Breaking straight lines and right angles


Though there are many methods of execution, don’t be afraid to make the space your own–adding an emphasis on what feels right to you. As interior designer Chad Graci says, go “...bold. Bold. BOLD!!!”

elk lodge throw blanket


9. Art Deco

If you’re looking for something a little more retro-radical, Art Deco-inspired interior design may be right for you. Admittedly a tad drastic, Art Deco is characterized by sumptuous colors, bold and spontaneous geometry, brass accents, glam-lighting, and decadent detail work. Though the interior design style reached the peak of its popularity prior to the 1950s, the overall approach continues to exude glamor, luxury, opulence, and exuberance. If you can pull it off in 2022, you’re nothing short of a champion.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of modern living room decor ideas. Which ones will you try in your living room? Tell us all about it on Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest– where you can also find the latest Great Bay Home tips, news, and exclusive deals. Don’t forget to check us out on Amazon!


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March 07, 2022

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