We’ve all been there…The spills, the blotches of pasta, and of course, the pets! Accidents are a fact of life, and there’s little we can do to avoid the occasional touch of clumsiness. Even still, with the wide variety of options out there, too few consider the aesthetic importance that goes along with a need to protect our favorite furniture. 

With that said, don’t you think that it’s about time to revive your home with plush and stylish slipcover collections that will have you jumping for joy? We believe it is. To celebrate the occasion, here’s a list with some of our favorites.

Velvet Plush Slipcover (Gale Collection - Best Seller)

Gale Collection velvet plush slipcover

Looking to add a bit of modern charm to your living room? Our Gale Collection velvet plush slipcovers are the perfect fit. Not only are they our best sellers, but they also add a vintage vibe with a modern chic look to compliment any space. Available in stunning and sophisticated solids (grey, brown, black, and more) that can make your furniture pop! As well as printed designs (snowflake and toile) that give any room an aura of elegance. There are few better choices for impressing at your next game night soirée or wine tasting.

Strapless Twill Slipcover (Fallon Collection - Staff Pick)

Great Bay Home Breanna Collection strapless twill slipcover

If you’re looking for an everyday slipcover that’ll protect your furniture from pesky spills, hairs, and stains, then you’ve got to try our Breanna collection strapless twill slipcovers. A personal favorite, these slipcovers skip the ‘glitz and glam’ and get right to work for you. With an efficient design derived from lightweight twill, these strapless wonders shield your favorite seats, are stain-resistant, and machine washable. Buy one today, to see what all the fuss is about.

Velvet Plush Stretch Slipcover (Magnolia Collection)

Magnolia Collection velvet plush slipcover

If you’re looking for a slipcover that successfully combines the softness of your favorite blanket and the beauty of smooth and attractive velvet, then this is the collection for you. Our Magnolia collection velvet plush stretch slipcover is made from the best velvet plush material available. They are strapless, and elasticized, so they don’t just look amazing, they’re quick and simple to clean, and cozier than a warm night beneath the stars. Additionally, their solid colors act as a beautiful complement to any living space.

Strapless Spandex Slipcover (Kova Collection) 

Kova Slipcovers

Kick your home into high gear with the wonderfully simple and smart looking slipcovers in our Kova collection. Expertly crafted from spandex material, these slipcovers combine efficient design with a minimalist style, that can brighten up any room! All while protecting your favorite sofa, loveseat, or chair from regular wear and tear. Shield your favorite furniture with this lovely addition that’s priced to perfection.

2-Piece Velvet Plush Slipcover (Elliana Collection) 

Elliana 2-Piece Velvet Stretch Slipcovers

Sometimes it takes two to tango. The same is especially true with our colorful, modern, and fashionable Elliana collection 2-piece velvet plush slipcovers. With unique patterned design and gorgeous contemporary style, the Sorrento set makes for a great option to mix up your look with pattern and solid designs. The two-piece construction offers a separate seat cover, for easy cleaning, and boasts a snug fit that stays in place. You never have to waste time with constant slipping or tucking. Check out our striking sets for your ideal match.

Jacquard Slipcover (Harlowe Collection)

Harlowe Jacquard Slipcover

Maximize the elegance and efficiency of your home with the perfect blend of style and function. A must-have for anyone with pets or young children (or both!). The slipcover in our Harlowe collection not only make for easy cleaning, but do just as well for entertaining guests or merely impressing on social media. Try our Harlowe collection for supreme fitting decor that won’t slip and slide away.

At Great Bay Home, we take all aspects of home decor into account. That means every slipcover is not only selected for strength, durability, and efficiency but also handpicked from the most gorgeous and impactful designs to ensure that you never sacrifice looks for quality. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list and find a perfect fit among them.

Love Where You Live,


P.S. Don't forget the sofa tuckers!


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