We’re just a few days away from the official start of spring. In some places, early flowers are already blooming, trees are budding, and the evenings are brighter.

What about your bedroom? Is it still full of winter’s heavy fabrics and dark colors? Then it’s time for a transformation. With very little effort or expense, you can have a bright, colorful room you’ll look forward to waking up in.

layered bed with quilt

Here are our four best tips to refresh your bedroom’s look this spring.

1. Transition your space for spring by focusing on your bedding.

A pretty bedroom can be surprisingly affordable. Freshening up your space doesn’t have to mean buying all new bedding. Just adding a new quilt or duvet can make a big difference.

A beautifully made bed gives the whole room an amazingly fresh look. Since a bed takes up plenty of space - both visual and actual space - in the bedroom, it’s the focal point of your room’s decor. Make sure your bed’s covers are eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing.

2. Quilts and duvets make lightweight replacements for your winter blankets.

Quilts and duvets allow you to create a beautiful, layered look without breaking the bank.

Duvet covers are ideal for your down-filled or polyfiber insert. Since these covers are both affordable and easy to change, they are perfect for updating your bedroom to match the season or trend.

Pro Tip: Fold the quilt at the base of your bed for a quick bedroom accent, or flip it over for a fresh new appearance. Even better, our quilts look just as appealing when used on their own during warmer seasons.

3. It’s all in how you fold the duvet.

Have you ever wondered why your bedspread doesn’t look or feel as plush as the bedding you see displayed in store windows? It’s a simple trick, and you can imitate it at home. Store staff have stuffed that display duvet with two down-filled inserts, not just one. That’s why the bedding looks lush and fleecy. You can try adding a second comforter for fill, too.

If that seems too warm for nights, try a fancier fold for your duvet like this one. Fold the duvet in half, lapping the ends over the bed’s foot. Then fold up the top half toward the pillows, doubling this portion of the duvet on itself. This style enhances volume, which is normally lost when you spread a blanket over the whole mattress.

4. Different textures, multiple colors, and your personal style can make the bedroom spring-time beautiful.

Spring is the season for cheery colors, bright floral patterns, and soft textures. Whether your tastes run to the glamorous, the chic, or the natural, you’ll find that adding a spring tone to your fabrics will brighten up your bedroom.

Choose a plain foundation in your favorite hue, toss on some mix-and-match decorative pillows, add a fashionable throw, and you’ll have a bedroom that’s fit for beauty sleep. A vase of cut flowers or a jar filled with lavender is all you need for a final touch.


floral pink quilt

blue quilt

Part of loving your home means keeping it looking bright and fresh with each changing season so you can enjoy a private sanctuary inside. This spring, consider these easy, affordable ways to give your bedroom a simple refresh.

March 16, 2018

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