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About Us


At Great Bay Home, we believe in love so much we made it our mission.

We want you to love your home. Ours is an honest, direct, and uncomplicated business—the way a family-owned enterprise should be.

Loving your home is easier and more affordable than you might think. There’s nothing like spying that one-of-a-kind product available at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

Starting with Grandfather’s curtain stores in the 1970s, our family has been making top-quality selections affordable. Today, our ecommerce retailer is continuing the family tradition. After three generations in this business, we’ve learned a trick or two that can help you save up to 80% off leading department stores’ prices.



By manufacturing every product we sell.

That also lets us keep an eye on the whole process—from the art and science of product design, through local and ethical manufacturing, right down to securing the most cost-effective retail outlets.

Some people call all that hard work a little crazy. At Great Bay Home, we just call it ensuring the highest quality.

So spend some time on our site. Shop around. Let us know how we can help you love your home better.

Oh, and don’t worry about making a purchase you don’t love. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not 100% satisfied. If you do love your new accessory, we also offer a 3 -year warranty. We want you to keep loving your home. 




Love Made Ethically.

As a family-owned company, we help you care for your family the same way we tend to our own. That’s why we tailor all our Great Bay Home products to a high standard of quality and ethics—so you can love your home with no regrets.

In our family, loving a home means more than trimming it with cheery colors and soft material. It also means loving our whole human family and our common home on earth by making sure we sell products that are ethically produced and sustainably sourced.

We only work with factories we trust to create top-of-the-line products while honoring their employees and families. For us, ethical manufacturing means we develop a solid relationship with each of our factories. We know how they work, whom they hire, and where they source material. Great Bay Home’s manufacturers abide by all labor laws.

Before we even talk about doing business with a new factory, we double-check that they hold Oeko-Tex or WRAP certification.


OEKO-TEX   WARP Certification
The International Association for Research and Testing in the Field of Textile Ecology (Oeko-Tex) sets the international standard for textile testing all along the production chain. Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, Oeko-Tex conducts tests and certifies products for manufacturers around the world. It tests for harmful substances and guarantees that textiles meet or exceed its safety criteria. Oeko-Tex certification means a product has achieved top-shelf quality in safety for human use and in environmental security.

Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) is dedicated to promoting safe, lawful, humane and ethical manufacturing around the world through certification and education. WARP verifies that a product was ethically manufactured according to its 12 principles, which include prohibition of child or forced labor; freedom of association; compensation; environment; safety; and prohibition of harassment or abuse. Each WRAP-certified manufacturer must meet stringent standards of ethics, law, and safety.


If you have committed yourself and your family to making ethical purchases, you can rest assured that Great Bay Home’s products meet exacting standards. You can love your home with no doubts.