“Baby, it’s cold outside.” Why not embrace the season with some of our hottest winter selections? We’ve handpicked our bestselling winter decor, from quality fabrics to stylish designs, to ensure they’ll keep you warm and your home brimming with style. 

If you’re new to the site (or to Great Bay Home) and aren’t quite sure where to start your winter shopping, here’s a list of fan favorites from some of our bestselling winter collections.

Gale Collection Velvet Plush Slipcover

Hail to the Gale! Spoil your chairs, loveseats, sofas, and recliners with a velvet plush selection from our Gale Collection. With a variety of stand-out colors, a snug fit, and vintage charm, your living room is in for a major upgrade. Choose a pristine solid color for distinguishable elegance or spice up your furniture with stylish patterns like toile and snowflake. 

100% Turkish Cotton Flannel Sheets (Stratton Collection)

Stratton Collection Cotton Flannel Sheets

Christmas is still a few weeks away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a jump start on the season with 100% Turkish cotton flannel sheets from our Stratton Collection. Available in fifteen unique prints and attractive designs, these cozy flannel sheets are the perfect gift for friends, family, and especially ourselves. Experience style and comfort, the gifts that keep on giving.

Great Bay Home sheet set (Velvet Luxe Collection)

Velvet Luxe Collection Sheet Set

Conquer the season with luxury velvet plush sheets that are as soft as your favorite blanket. Designed from 100% microfiber and made to endure multiple washes, these sheets aren’t just cozy, they’re a great value. Pick a favorite from our variety of colors and prepare to cuddle up with sheets that offer both insulating warmth and cooling breathability.

Belle Collection sheet set at Great Bay Home

Belle Collection Flannel Sheets 

Treat yourself to comfort on the next chilly afternoon with 100% Turkish cotton flannel sheets from our Belle Collection. Available in more than a dozen unique prints and patterns, these cool-weather favorites are perfect for any bed. They’re even wrinkle resistant, so there’s one less thing to worry about as you drift off to dreamland.

Great Bay Home Berber Collection plush luxury bed blanket

Berber Collection Plush Luxury Bed Blanket

Take bedtime to the next level with luxury blankets that you’ll love twice as much. Crafted from ultra-velvet material, our Berber Collection blankets are reversible with a plush velvet front and cozy Sherpa back. Guaranteed to warm you up on cold nights, these fast-selling additions are available in most bed sizes and as throw blankets.


Great Bay Home Carmen Collection Extra-Soft Jersey (T-Shirt) Sheet Set

Carmen Collection Extra Soft Jersey (T-Shirt) Sheet Set

Picture yourself dozing off in the moonlight as you’re cradled by extra-soft jersey-knit sheets that are as cozy as your favorite t-shirt. With the Carmen Collection, this dream can be a reality. Crafted from our softest fibers, our extra-soft jersey knit sheet sets are lightweight, flexible, and impressively breathable so that you can have that sweet dream all year round.

Mikala Collection waffle weave cotton blanket at Great Bay Home

Mikala Collection Waffle Weave Cotton Blanket

Add some sizzle to your bedroom with 100% cotton warmth and gorgeous style. The waffle weave blankets from our Mikala Collection are the hottest thing off the stove since well, waffles! Cover up all season long with a lightweight weave texture that’s super breathable and the perfect companion for those long chilly nights.

Magnolia Collection velvet plush stretch slipcover at Great Bay Home

Magnolia Collection Velvet Plush Stretch Slipcover

Strap in for traditional comfort and modern style. The bright-colored plush slipcovers from our Magnolia Collection are a fan favorite for their perfect combination of appealing aesthetics and ease of use. Designed for durability and minimalist appeal, these velvet plush slipcovers protect your furniture from spills and slips while boasting a softness that rivals our blankets.

Hotel Quality Collection mattress topper at Great Bay Home

Hotel Quality Collection Mattress Topper

Do you love your mattress? We bet we can top it! No, seriously. If you’d like to experience the best night’s sleep you’ve had since childhood, look no further than ultra-thick mattress toppers from our Hotel Quality Collection. With a top pad that’s two-inches deep and a guaranteed snug fit for most sizes, your favorite mattress just got a little more awesome.

Add some cheer to the end of your year with cozy home decor that you’ll adore from this season to the next. Our winter essentials won’t just add that special sparkle to your home but can brighten up even the cloudiest afternoon. Find your favorites today, to conquer the holiday season in style.


See You in the Checkout Lane,