The world may move, shift, and change but in our homes, Spring is still here, and Summer remains on the horizon. Whether it’s smiling rays from a golden sun, the freshwater breeze of a beachside cocktail, or even just the simple moments of joyous reprieve with the ones we love the most--there’s no taking the excitement of a happy home from even happier families.

If you’re stuck inside and looking for something to brighten your days, might we suggest a little upgrade to your seasonal style? From sheets, to towels, to stunning quilts, Great Bay Home has everything you need to steal away the frozen bite of yesteryear and welcome our favorite spaces to new heights beneath a crisp blue sky. 

If any of this sounds like you, then the list below should have just about everything you need to welcome the warm weather in style.


Brie Collection

Brie Sheets

Brie Sheets Stack Shots

Take a note from your favorite pajamas and bask in the glorious lightweight fabric of tech-knit sheets from our Brie Collection. In addition to deep pockets, unparalleled durability, and an amazing look, these sheets are super-soft and an excellent companion to your next perfect night of summer sleep (or your next “secret” midday nap). 

Newport Collection

Newport Sheets Starfish Blue

Newport Sheets Stacked

Drift off to bed in our stitched lightweight microfiber sheets that don’t just aim to please, they hit the target every time. These coastal themed sheet sets are ultra-soft, lightweight, and the perfect addition to any bedroom. Add a touch of sunshine to your home and welcome any season with exhilarating style and unique craftsmanship. However, you may want to act fast before they all sail out of stock.

Cozy Flex Collection

Cozy Flex Sheets Stack

Cozy Flex Sheets Dark Gray

Looking for something to cradle you as the air conditioning blows its crisp wind or Mother Nature arrives with an unexpected chill? Look no further than the extra-soft jersey-knit sheets from our Cozy Flex collection. Imagine dozing off in a cool-breeze as you lay warm and snug beneath lightweight and flexible sheets that feel better than your favorite t-shirt. We don’t call them “cozy” for nothing.


Milos Collection

Milos Bath TowelsLet’s move on up to the moments when we’re fresh out of bed and seeking fashionable comfort to jumpstart our day. The multi-stripe quick-dry towels from our Milos collection won’t just make you the belle of the washroom, with a luxurious look, but they’re super-absorbent and made from ultra-soft cotton fibers that feel great against your skin and fluff right back up after a tumble in any dryer. 

Hallie Collection

Hallie Bath Towels

Spoil yourself after a nice hot shower or sparkling bubble bath with 100% cotton towels from our Hallie Collection. Homespun from some of the finest luxury material available, these lightweight quick-dry cotton towels could be the envy of any high-end spa-room with durable quality and a sophisticated design that’s more reminiscent of artwork than any of the scratchy linens you’d find on those big-box retail shelves.

Elham Collection

Elham Bath Towels

How about some bath towels that change the game with unique quality and ultra-modern flair? The 100% cotton popcorn bath towels from our Elham collection may be just the thing for you. Designed to show-off and crafted with care, these stunning new additions to our catalogue are super-soft, amazingly absorbent, and durable enough to withstand the throes of time and (let’s admit it) repeated use. Upgrade your bathroom with a stellar set that’s available in variety packs and bundles, in all shapes and sizes.


Athena Collection

Athena Quilt Dark Gray

Towels not on your “to-do” list? Well, that’s no problem. We can always bring it back to the bedroom. The alluring cotton-blend sheets from our Athena Collection will give your mattress a much needed facelift with a soft and traditional appeal that’ll brighten your room like the Summer sun. Crafted with comfort in mind, these luxury cotton-blended quilts are sewn with a detailed dotted stitching that can elevate your favorite space with a high-end aesthetic you won’t find anywhere but here.

Alicia Collection

Alicia Textured Quilt

If looks could smile, then this collection would be grinning ear-to-ear all year-round. Designed for ‘him’ and ‘her’ the solid channel quilt sets from our Alicia collection are stitched with a traditionally fabulous design, made for breathability, and are the perfect set for shifting seasons. Immerse yourself in ultimate comfort that won’t just add some vibrancy to the bedroom but can give happy couples yet another bit of excitement around bedtime.

Kadi Collection

Kadi Patchwork Stripe Quilt Blue

And now, the main event, the reigning champ, the ‘piéce de la résistance’. The striped pattern floral quilts from our Kadi collection aren’t just the toast of the town but they’ll keep you toasty on those cool spring nights and cool throughout the hottest summer months. Crafted with gorgeous hues and a breathtaking design, this fan-favorite quilt and sham-set gives an air of romantic elegance to any bedroom while remaining super-strong, ultra-comfy, and exceptionally stylish with a luxurious mix of cotton and homespun fibers. If it gets better than this, we haven’t heard of it. 

Welcome this bright and sunny time of year with a home upgrade that you can be proud of. Whether you’re hitting the beaches or lounging at home, our vast collection of quality linens can give your favorite spaces that extra bit of luxury that they’ve been missing. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of ultimate Spring styles and look forward to hearing about how much you’ve enjoyed these new additions to your perfect home decor. 

As always, we’ve got you covered.


May 20, 2020

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