While you’re shopping for new linens for your bed, you may end up bumping into these three words: “quilt,” “bedspread,” and “comforter.” This can get confusing when terms are used interchangeably with similar-looking items. But don’t worry - we’re here to help! Read on to find the key differences between these three boudoir pieces.

 Kadi Quilt


Layers & Warmth

Out of the three, bedspreads are the lightest and are made from a single layer of fabric. They are great to set on the bed by themselves in warmer weather or on top of additional covers during the wintertime. Typically bedspreads are meant more for decoration, especially for guest rooms, because of their simplicity.


Quilts are made with three layers: one top fabric layer, one middle layer of thin batting or filling, and one bottom fabric layer. These additional layers add some extra warmth without being overbearing so that you can use a quilt for your bed year-round - even in conjunction with a blanket or bedspread. Choose a print that can work any time of year, like our Kadi Striped Floral Quilts.


Comforters are the thickest out of the three pieces. They are made of three layers similar to quilts, except the amount of filling is much higher, making comforters the plushest option for your bed covers, and it also provides the most warmth during the colder months.

 Everette Quilt Set


Stitching Detail­­

Quilts are known specifically for their stitching, and there are tons of stitching designs available. You can find quilts made with channel stitching, like our Everette Collection which gives the quilts their classic, traditional look.


Bedspreads can have stitching just like quilts, which may make them seem nearly identical. However, some bedspreads don’t have stitching - so if you don’t like the quilted look, these are one of the best lightweight choices.


Comforters have minimal stitching used to create closed pockets to trap the filling within “walls” to keep the internal fabric in place when you toss and turn at night.  This minimum stitching makes for a more modern bed cover. Comforters are perfect for keeping anyone warm, especially sleepers who get cold easily and college students living in drafty dorms.


Signature Pleated Pintuck Duvet 

The Look & Feel

A comforter is super plush in comparison to a quilt or a bedspread. It doesn’t drape as much over the bed, but it does provide a restful environment for sleepers who want a softer, fluffier bed experience. Because of their thickness, comforters are not the easiest items to wash, so your best choice for cleaning is to spot clean or use a duvet cover to add an additional layer to catch dirt and grime. A good option is our Pintuck Pinch Pleated Duvet Sets.


Quilts and bedspreads drape a lot more on a bed because of their lightweight quality, so you can avoid the fuss of heavy covers when you get in and out of bed. These are much easier to wash, though quilts may take longer to dry because of their quilt filling, which absorbs additional water.

 Wilderness Quilt Set


We hope this guide is helpful for you to choose the right bed cover for you! At Great Bay Home, we have tons of quilts and duvet covers in stock, so you can have a stylish bedroom look without the high costs. Choose from plenty of colors and prints that compliment your walls and existing décor. Stay super comfortable at any time of the year.



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April 12, 2021

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