It’s that time of year again when Winter prepares to spring us forward to… Uh, “Spring.” Around this time dressing your home to match both your personal tastes and needs may become a bit of a hassle. Depending on your preference, this means that you may need some specifics before making that perfect selection for your new living room slipcover. 

Will you go with the rich and lush feel of velvety soft plush from our Gale Collection? Perhaps the smooth and irresistibly stylish twill slipcovers from our Dawson Collection are more your speed? No matter your option, you’re in for nothing less than quality, comfort, and savings when you purchase your brand new slipcover from Great Bay Home. 

However, guaranteed quality doesn’t answer the golden question: Which fabric is right for you? Well, have no fear because we’re going to separate facts from the fiction of these luxury fabrics so that you can make an informed decision between our classic textures. 

Let’s cover the bases.



Originating from the French word “peluche,” plush is identifiable by its soft, smooth texture, that’s reminiscent of fustian or velvet. If you can’t quite remember interacting with these fabrics, then think of a texture similar to those “Build-A-Bear” dolls (or any teddy bear, really). Got it? Good. These soft fabrics earned a fast reputation around the globe for their inarguably luxurious feel and the inherent richness of any item, clothing, or accouterment that resulted from artisan craftsmanship. 

In fact, the association between “peluche” (plush) and luxurious or indulgent lifestyles became so prominent that the word “plush” came to describe the wealthy and their lives in totality--much like how “Kleenex” pretty much covers any brand of facial tissue. Originally consisting of mohair and worsted yarn, plush is now primarily crafted from silk, cotton, polyester or other comparably elegant and soft synthetic fibers. In modern times, this fabric is widespread and exceedingly popular, most often used as the primary material of choice for: dresses, upholstery, furniture, millinery, and designer toys.

With all that said, if you’re looking for a thick fabric with the richness of chocolate and lush material that complements the room with style, keeps you cool in the heat, and warms up even the chilliest nights, then a new plush slipcover for your favorite furniture may be just what you’re looking for. Here are some of our most popular velvet-plush collections:

  • Gale Collection
  • Velvet Luxe Collection
  • Magnolia Collection
  • Berber Velvet Collection



Likely more storied than its plush counterpart, twill is a type of textile weave with a noticeable pattern that can otherwise be identified by its diagonal ridges and handwoven appearance. Along with plain weave and satin, twill is one of three fundamental types of textile weaves that date back to B.C.E. Twill is fashioned by passing the weft thread over one or more warp threads, and so on, with an offset (step) between rows to create its iconic design. 

Twill Slipcover

Unlike other fabrics, the unique method of crafting quality twill material has the added bonus of creating a dual-sided pattern. It also allows for an attractive and durable double-sided final product. If you’ve been under a rock (likely not as long as twill has been around) then you can easily find an example of the twill pattern in your favorite pair of jeans, specialty bedding, quality rugs, and likely any ridged-fabric that you can’t resist running your fingers across. 

In addition to creating a gorgeous twin-sided product, twill is more stain-resistant than comparable luxury fabrics and also boasts resistance to wear and tear, without taking away from its addicting feel. If you love plush material but have some little ones (or big ones with wine) running around and don’t want to worry so much about rips and stains, then gorgeous twill slipcovers from Great Bay Home may be just right for you. Here are some favorites from our twill selections:

  • Breanna Collection
  • Dawson Collection


The Verdict

Though you may have already made up your mind, the benefits of either twill or velvet slipcovers from Great Bay Home are hard to choose between. On one hand, you have a soft and chocolatey feel made with a lushly smooth fabric that anyone would be happy to cradle themselves in for months to come. On the other, you have a stellar design that’s naturally durable and resistant, while adding an elevated richness to any room or accommodation. The choice is yours.

No matter what you decide, when you choose Great Bay Home, we’ll always have you covered.


 Until Next Time,


P.S. Don't forget the sofa tuckers!

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