When it comes to bed sheets, it’s hard to go wrong with 100% cotton, but the fact remains that not all cotton is created equal. If you want the best quality and ultimate luxury, you’re going to want to select 100% Egyptian cotton sheets.

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Egyptian cotton is the cotton of choice for luxury brands across the world, known for its strength, durability and softness. But what truly sets Egyptian cotton apart? Let’s take a look.

What is Egyptian cotton?  

First of all, it’s important to understand that Egyptian cotton comes from a different species of plant than regular cotton. Gossypium barbadense, sometimes known as extra long staple (ELS) cotton, is a tropical plant that yields cotton with remarkably long and silky fibers. Egyptian cotton is one of several varieties of Gossypium barbadense.


100% Egyptian cotton


What are the benefits of Egyptian cotton sheets?

The extra long staples from Gossypium barbadense are spun into extra fine threads. Not only are these threads softer, stronger and silkier than regular cotton, but they can also be packed tightly into each square inch. This results in higher thread counts and tautly woven fabrics that are unusually strong, durable, lustrous and long lasting.

Another significant benefit of Egyptian cotton is that it’s extremely porous and absorbent. The porous nature of the material allows it to absorb dyes easily, producing vibrant colors that are less likely to fade over time. The material also absorbs moisture while you’re in bed so that you can sleep more comfortably. 

With such high-quality fibers and threads, 100% Egyptian cotton sheets produce less lint and pilling than other materials.

But perhaps the very best thing about 100% Egyptian cotton sheets is that they just get better and better over time. Unlike lower quality sheets, Egyptian cotton sheets improve with age. In fact, if you’re used to regular cotton or other materials, don’t be alarmed if you find your Egyptian cotton sheets to be scratchy or stiff at first. After a few washings, you’ll begin to break them in, and then they’ll keep getting softer each time you wash them.

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