Replacing your towels can be a chore. You might try to delay it to save money, but you’ll be much happier to invest in a new towel once your old one starts showing signs of wear and tear. A fresh towel can dry better, absorb more, and look more appealing in your bathroom. It’s a significant benefit to your bathroom routine to replace them once they’re in less-than-ideal conditions. Here is a list of signs to let you know it’s time for a replacement.

Bath Towel

The look

When your towels start fraying at the edges or developing holes, that’s a good sign to know you need new ones. Even stains can deter you and your house guests from using the towels. New, unblemished towels will help elevate your bath routine. Our Cooper Towels are incredibly plush with a classic, clean look, so your new towels don’t have to be too garish. Simple is enough.

Grayson Towels

The smell

Unwanted smells can be more distracting than you want them to. If your towels still have a pungent odor to them even after many washes, you should go ahead and find new towels when you can. Smelly towels are not pleasant to use and leave a dirty feeling even after the shower. Resolution? Try any of our towels, like the Grayson Collection. Once you receive them, wash them before use, and they’ll smell fresh like your favorite detergent.

Roselyn Towels

The feel

While it might be easier to ignore the look and smell of your towels, if they don’t feel comfortable to use, then there’s little point in keeping them. If soft towels have turned scratchy and they won’t feel as satisfying on your skin. Towels that don’t do their primary function should be open for replacement. When you shop for towels at Great Bay Home, including our beautiful Roselyn bath towels, we assure you that every purchase will include clean, soft towels for your everyday use.

Roselyn Bath Towels


When you choose to replace your towels, you can pick out ones that’ll absorb better and dry faster. Fresh new towels have that benefit, and it’s so easy to tell when you start getting closer to a point where you should find replacements. Everybody has a different opinion about when they feel like a towel is too worn out for their needs, so look for the signs and decide what fits your household.



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May 15, 2021

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