Though the holidays have simmered down, Winter holds us in its chilly embrace, and many of us are back to the daily grind of ‘9-5’–doesn't mean that we’re quite done with this new year of ours. With each passing day, as Spring approaches, that same drumbeat will grow in our hearts–how can I reinvent this drab old style and reinvigorate my home?

Do we start in the living room, perhaps new slipcovers will bring us back to life? Do we scour our linen closets for retro-styles that once made us smile? Maybe our vision has jumped ahead to the butterfly and lilac winds of Spring–where sunshine reigns supreme.

No matter where your hearts may lay, we can all agree, it’s time for a change. Again, the drumbeat grows and pangs: “Where shall I begin!?!”

You’ve likely guessed where this is going. As always… We’ve got you covered.

For the fashion-forward, fashionistas, style-conscious, and all in-between–check out this list of our top-picks for your new home décor.

Ribbed Bath Towels

100% Cotton Ribbed Bath Towels - Rori Collection (New)

Stylish, cool, and in control, there are few better additions to our inventory than the gorgeously traditional cotton ribbed bath towels from our Rori Collection. Featuring a unique ribbed texture, these luxurious spa-quality towels can brighten up any rack or linen closet.

Available in modern colors that include dark grey, oatmeal brown, pearl white, and perfect blue, these affordable bath towel sets are designed for ultra-absorbency, easy care, and quick-drying–which means they stay fresh for longer. Embrace the season with these magnificent additions to your home (before they’re gone!).

Textured Bath Towel

100% Cotton Textured Bath Towels - Tessa Collection (New)

Lock the doors, run the bubble bath, and batten down the hatches for the striking sophistication of 100% cotton textured bath towels from our Tessa Collection.

Complementary to any style, these ultra absorbent bath towels are sure to leave you breathless with their elegant appeal.

Available in seductively statured shades that include dark olive, rose, and terracotta, these soft textured bath towels are uniquely designed to elevate your bath routine. Enjoy a 6-piece bath towel set complete with two full towels, two hand towels, and two washcloths that are sure to impress with their super-softness, quick-drying, and durability. You owe it to yourself.

Jersey Knit T-Shirt Bed Sheets

Cotton T-Shirt Jersey Bed Sheet Set - Carmen Collection (Bestseller)

Bedtime should be the best-time, with comfy sheets that won’t defeat our sleep. Toss out those unimpressive sheets of last week and meet the cotton jersey sheets from our Carmen Collection. Featuring a soft, luxurious, and breathable quality that made them famous, it’s nearly impossible to keep these bestsellers on the shelves.

Drift to dreamland with this impressive sheet set that feels just as good as your favorite T-shirt. Available in shades that fit any style, including winter white, striped navy, charcoal grey, and sky blue–there’s no better way to match pure comfort with your personal style in any season.

Cotton Flannel Sheet Set

100% Turkish Cotton Flannel Sheet Set - Belle Collection (Bestseller)

The belle of the ball and envy of all, the gorgeous 100% Turkish cotton flannel sheet set from our aptly named Belle Collection is sure to steal your heart. Featuring amazing prints and patterns that include buffalo check, watercolor damask, snowflake, toile, and windowpane–your old sheet set doesn’t stand a chance.

A versatile, sensuous, and stunning presence in any bedroom, these incredible sheets feel like a dream come true. Treat yourself or loved ones to the luxurious embrace of super soft, cozy, Oeko-Tex approved flannel bed sheets that make getting out of bed just a little harder.

Grey Striped Quilt

3-Piece Striped Pattern Quilt Set - Madelina Collection

Since we’re in bed, let’s liven things up with an incredible quilt and sham set that pleases all night long. The 3-piece striped pattern quilt set from our Madelina Collection is designed for ultimate comfort and aesthetic appeal that may cause you to well-up with tears of joy.

Expertly crafted from a cotton and microfiber blend, stitched to perfection, and undeniably striking, this magnificent striped quilt set is sure to become your new favorite. Available in striped shades that include light blue, cream white, and grey, this collection is the best way to get your bedroom ready for the Spring season ahead.

Printed Patchwork Quilt

3-Piece Striped Pattern Quilt Set - Dorothea Collection

Something very special has entered the chat. The delicate, debonair, and undeniably delightful 3-piece striped pattern quilt set from our Dorothea Collection is the perfect transition piece between Winter and Spring. Featuring a delicate and eye-catching design that aims to please, meet your new bedroom centerpiece.

Available in mesmerizing combinations of blue/taupe and white/grey, this throne-worthy quilt set is top-tier for its unique and intricate design, year-round comfort, and easy care. If you’re looking for the perfect seasonal bed quilt and sham set, the Dorothea Collection is right for you.

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We’ve Got You Covered,
January 18, 2022

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