There’s nothing quite like sitting home on a cloudy Sunday, snuggled up with our favorite blanket, glued to the couch as our protagonists face insurmountable odds and/or hilarious obstacles. While Autumn takes hold, many of us will find ourselves in this scenario more often than not. The question on all of our minds is: “What should I watch?”

From action-dramas, to tragic-comedies, and everything in between, we’re currently experiencing a renaissance of television. With the prolific release of niche-programming, hit-shows, and unpredictable cultural phenomenon (see: “Tiger King”)--it can be tricky to choose from the endless scroll of carefully curated content. We’d like to help.

If you’re looking for something awesome to dive into while you get some rest and relaxation, check out this list of our top 5 ‘must-see’ shows currently streaming on an app near you. We’ve even paired them with the perfect blanket to cuddle up with while you gleefully binge.

Berber Velvet Collection Reversible Sherpa

Squid Game (Netflix) - Berber Velvet Collection

As Netflix’s number one show, in over 90 countries, “Squid Game” is a survival drama focused on a deadly contest, in which 456 deeply indebted players vie for a 45.6 billion won (dollar) prize. The contestants are pitted against one another in a series of children’s games, where ‘losers’ pay with their lives. The series has become a sensation among critics and audiences alike.

If you’re looking for something equally sensational to cozy up with while you take this deadly ride with our plucky protagonists, try out the reversible ultra-plush sherpa bed blankets from our Berber Velvet Collection. With a luxurious velvet plush front and warm sherpa back, you’ll want to keep this blanket close while you sit at the edge of your seat.

Kinsley Velvet Plush Reversible Sherpa Throw Blanket

Midnight Mass (Netflix) - Kinsley Collection

If you’re into spooky and unsettling, “Midnight Mass” is a supernatural horror series you don’t want to miss. Focused on a small, isolated community experiencing mysterious events, this series evokes Stephen King levels of suspenseful terror. Created and directed by horror-scribe Mike Flanagan (Doctor Sleep, Gerald’s Game, The Haunting of Hill House) Midnight Mass has received acclaim for its pacing, narrative, themes, and performances.

Need something warm and cozy to accompany the thrilling chill shivering up your spine? The reversible sherpa velvet plush blanket from our Kinsley Collection is sure to keep the ghouls and goblins at bay. Available in a wide variety of prints, patterns, and shades, you can binge-watch this hit-series in whatever style suits you best.

Pearl Velvet Plush Bed Blanket

Maid (Netflix) - Pearl Collection

Looking for a heart-wrenching drama to fill your free time? How about Netflix’s “Maid”? Adapted from Stephanie Land’s memoir “Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay, and a Mother’s Will to Survive,” this limited series focuses on a young single-mother who flees an abusive relationship to embark on a journey of recovery, discovery, and rebirth. Fans of Will Smith’s “Pursuit of Happyness” won’t want to miss this tear-jerker.

While the realistic portrayal of a struggling young mother and her daughter may bring you to tears, the Berber velvet plush throw blankets from our Pearl Collection are sure to cheer you right up. Crafted from ultra-soft plush fabric, these affordable holiday-themed throw blankets feature prints that include: adorable polar bears, cheerful snowmen, and playful wildlife.

Elk Lodge Velvet Plush Bed Blanket

Scenes From a Marriage (HBOMax)- Elk Lodge Collection

Fans of Oscar Issac (Dune) and Jessica Chastain (Molly’s Game) won’t want to miss their tour de’ force performances as a long-married couple facing the disintegration of their marriage.

Based on the Swedish-drama of the same name, “Scenes from a Marriage” explores the dynamics of contemporary relationships through the lens of love, hate, monogamy, passion and more.

Though the crackling chemistry and impressive performances are sure to trigger complete immersion, it’s even better to binge comfortably. Woven from 100% polyester the velvet plush lodge blankets from our Elk Collection feature stellar seasonal prints that make for the perfect companion to a breathtaking series.

Last but not least…

Esmay Holiday Throw Reversible Sherpa

Only Murders in the Building (Hulu) - Esmay Collection

Featuring comedic legends Steve Martin and Martin Short, as well as pop-icon Selena Gomez, “Only Murders in the Building” takes a comedic approach to mystery and crime fiction that has been hailed as “hilarious” and “wonderful.” Following our lead trio of true-crime enthusiasts, things kick off when a murder in their building inspires an obsession with the investigation. It’s the rare parody that eclipses it’s subject.

Need an awesome blanket to join you while you hold your sides and anticipate the next bump on this twisty road of “whodunit” splendor? The holiday-themed reversible sherpa throw blankets from our Esmay Collection are loads of fun with amazing prints that include painted trucks, snowmen, Christmas-holly, and even holiday kittens. Laugh hard. Rest harder.

There seems to be no end to the perpetual release of great shows and series. Sooner or later, we must concede to the endless scroll of new content and find binge-worthy shows that are right for us. We hope this list of hits helps you decide what to watch next.

As always…

We’ve Got You Covered,
October 08, 2021

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