Trust us. We know the feeling. As the winter season comes to a close and spring begins to show the first signs of the upcoming summer, we’re faced with a choice. Do we stay complacent with the styles of seasons past (or years past, in some cases), or do we finally spruce up our favorite spaces with something a little more lively, vibrant, and presently suitable? There’s really no choice at all. But who wants to pay gazillions of dollars just to touch up what they already love?

 If you’re looking to transform your home without breaking the bank, here are 10 affordable ways to update your space for the new season. Some creativity is required.


1. Find Your Sweet Spot

First things first, it’s nearly impossible to craft a home you’ll love without having a keen eye for what makes your heart sing. Rather than giving in to the myriad of ‘copy/paste’ styles and designs, why not indulge in your personal style and let your home become an extension of you? Whether it’s your home office, living room, dining room, foyer, etc.--your home should represent everything that makes you feel special. Start with your ‘sweet spot,’ wherever it may be, and experiment with different colors, textures, and accessories. The end result may be a pleasant surprise.



Roselyn Bath Towels


2. Posters, and Paintings, and Pictures...Oh my!

One of the most effective (and relentlessly affordable) ways to add some extra kick to your home is by surrounding yourself with positive posters, masterful artwork, or happy memories with those you love. Don’t let those bare walls bring you down. Look at them as a blank canvas, and yourself as Da Vinci. Whether it’s a plaque of motivating phrases, a poster of your favorite vacation spot, reprints of classic paintings, or simply a collage of family photos, this nifty little idea could turn any space from bored to yours. Find your favorites or (to go the extra mile) you can turn it all into DIY-project by ordering custom posters, crafting your own picture frames, or painting your own mural to awesomeness.


3. Go on, Add a Slipcover. (You know you want to)

A tried and true method of updating your space, adding a slipcover to your old couches, loveseats, recliners, and chairs is a surefire way to customize your home in only a few minutes. Don’t just settle for something bland and safe. Explore the various styles, designs, and textures to find a form-fitting slipcover that does more than just elevate your home. Lift your spirits with these affordable additions that can bring any room together in ways you have to see to believe.



Magnolia Loveseat Slipcover Aqua



4. Don’t Forget the Throw

While we’re on the subject of loveseats and couches, no living room set is complete without the perfect throw for those chilly nights. Enhance your next bout of “Netflix N’ Chill” with affordable quality throws that make your favorite furniture stand out while complementing your personal style. Best of all, they’re incredibly cozy, convenient, and tasteful beyond measure.


 Pearl Velvet Plush Throw Pups in the Snow


5. Paint to Your Heart’s Content

It’s time to roll up those sleeves, pop open that paint jar, and reinvent your home with lively colors that speak to the champion in your soul. Not only can you bring your home to new life with a fresh coat of paint from your nearest hardware store, but you’re presented with the unique opportunity to show off your creativity and craft a breathtaking space that belongs to you and you alone. Set yourself apart from the basic paint-job you’ve inherited with a labor of love that’ll make you smile every time you come home. As an added bonus, you can even turn it into a group project, and enjoy an evening of artistry with your friends and family.




6. Floating Shelves

A staple of shape-shifting any living space, floating shelves aren’t just an efficient way to organize your books, trinkets, and accessories. They can be a personal statement all on their own. From the various styles, colors, materials, and general designs, floating shelves are attractive, innovative, and easy to install. Give your home a ‘living and breathing’ feel with these affordable additions that modernize your favorite space.


Floating Shelves


7. A Dash of Passion

Tired of staring at those drab linens hanging from your towel rack? Try boosting your abode with an upgrade to your old hand towels or go full-force with an all new 6-piece towel set from Great Bay Home. Not only will they add some shine to your shower but they’re soft, quick-dry, and dazzling enough to solve all of your washroom needs.


Grayson Hand Towels


8. Let the Sun Shine

A fairly overlooked trick for updating your space, without considering another mortgage, is both straightforward and just as easy as you could want. Don’t feel stuck with your current drapes, shades, or dusty blinds. Pop on down to your nearest utility store and seek out window accessories that look great and allow for plenty of sunlight. Don’t underestimate their power; you’d be surprised how quickly a bright and sunny ray of light could reinvent how you see your home. It may even inspire some other upgrades and customization ideas that you haven’t thought of yet.




9. Light it Up

Despite our deepest desires, the sun isn’t always shining. However, that shouldn’t stop your home from glimmering in glory 24/7/365. Eschew those old whatever-Watt bulbs and invest in smart-lights that you can control with your phone. That’s right, your phone. Not only are smart lightbulbs widely available (and soon to be essential) but as a standard they’re eco-friendly, come with brightness control, and many of them even offer a variety of colors for any time of day, mood, preference, or just for fun (I’m particularly fond of the “candlelight” setting). Best of all, the vast majority are available for around $15.




10. Get Smart

While we’re on the topic of raising your home’s IQ, there are few better ways to thrust your living space into the future than with the growing number of smart appliances available everywhere for prices that won’t make you feel like a dummy. Whether it’s smart speakers, thermostats, coffee-makers, or literally everything in between, these tech-based accessories aren’t just sleek and convenient, but they’re sure to impress guests and family alike. Control your home with your voice or your phone with smart appliances that rival the pricing of their analog counterparts.

Home is more than just a place to eat, sleep, and shower. When we begin to view our homes from the perspective of creativity and passion, we can create a living space to be proud of that won’t just symbolize our unique personalities but can also inspire joy on a daily basis.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of affordable tips. Don’t forget to tag us when you share your home upgrades, we can’t wait to see your amazing space.




March 13, 2020

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