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Analise Collection 2 Piece Slipcover

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Trim your home with our colorful, modern slipcovers. We expertly mingled efficient design with contemporary style to create a slipcover that can protect your sofa, love seat, and chair while brightening your décor. Two piece construction offers a separate seat cover for easy cleaning and a supreme fit that stays in place without the constant tucking and slipping! 


If you don't absolutely love this product, return it within 30 days for a full refund. We'll work with you to resolve any issue and ensure that you're satisfied.


Shields furniture from everyday mishaps
Strapless and elasticized on the bottom
Two piece construction for a tighter fit, and less tucking 
Attractive color option


Our slipcovers are one-size-fits most. 


Up to 40” wide


Up to 68” wide


Up to 90” wide


Fits slightly smaller furniture as well

Machine washable

Stain resistant


Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers


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Dark denim blue two-piece slip cover for lounge chair
2-piece beige slip cover for armchair (one size fits all)
Beige strapless slip cover (one-size-fits most)
Walnut Chair Analise Collection 2 Piece Slipcover
One-size-fits most beige slipcover (2 piece)
Beige slip cover for love seat (stain resistant)
Machine washable 2-piece slip cover for a love seat (beige)
Beige two piece slipcover for sofa (easy cleaning)
Blue slip cover for armchair, love seat, and sofa
Dark denim blue furniture slip cover (2 piece)
2 piece blue slip cover from Great Bay Home (dark denim)
Analise Collection 2 Piece Slipcover
Blue 2 piece slipcover for love seats (one size-fits most)
Blue strapless slip cover for sofas (2-piece)
Gray modern 2-piece slipcover for arm chair
 Gray stain resistant 2 Piece Slipcover (Analise Collection)
Machine washable two-piece slipcover (gray)
Modern 2-piece stain resistant slipcover (gray)
Gray machine washable slipcover from Great Bay Home (one-size-fits most)
Analise Collection 2 Piece Slipcover
Modern sofa slipcover at Great Bay Home (gray)
Brown 2-piece modern slipcover at Great Bay Home
Brown  2-piece one-size-fits most sofa slipcover (Analise Collection)
One-size-fits most 2-piece slipcover (brown)
  Analise Collection 2 Piece Slipcover
Analise Collection 2 Piece Slipcover
2-piece brown slipcover for loveseat (strapless)
Brown slipcover for sofas (2-piece)
Modern 2-piece sofa slipcover at Great Bay Home (brown)
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